Powerex TDD120060 Industrial Air Treatment Package 60cfm with Dryer Tank and Filtration

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Powerex TDD120060 Industrial Air Treatment Package 60cfm with Dryer Tank and Filtration

The Powerex TDD120060 is an industrial compressed air treatment package combining a 120 gallon receiver, filtration, regulator and air dryer into one skid. The dryer is a heatless desiccant air dryer that provides a -40ºF dew point. This compressed air dryer skid is rated to handle 60cfm incoming airflow.

The TDD120060 is engineered to provide clean and dry compressed air at a low dew point in a simple to install package. The TDD package is ideal for critical process applications that require moisture-free compressed air. Ideal industries are instrument air systems, food packaging and processing applications to prevent contamination and spoilage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing where dry compressed air is vital to maintain high purity and quality. 

The Powerex desiccant air dryer provides a -40°F dew point and is built with energy efficiency in mind. The system is equipped with advanced controls that optimize the drying process, minimizing energy consumption while still maintaining outstanding moisture removal capabilities.

This drying system employs a regenerative process, utilizing adsorbent desiccant material to capture and hold moisture. The desiccant is then regenerated, allowing the dryer to continue delivering consistent and efficient drying performance. The -40°F Desiccant Dryer is engineered for long-term reliability and requires minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and overall operational costs.

Powerex designed the TDD120060 air treatment package into a compact and simple design. All components are mounted and plumbed together on a common skid for ease of install while reducing footprint.

TDD120060 Industrial Compressed Air Treatment Package includes:

  • 120 gallon compressed air tank: Includes an FDA approved internal lining and is ASME rated for 200 PSI MAWP, equipped with a pressure gauge, safety relief valve, and electric automatic drain.
  • Desiccant Air Dryer: Twin-tower, heatless desiccant air dryer is designed for a pressure dew point of -40˚F, sized to meet the full SCFM requirement of the system. The dryer is installed and plumbed on a common steel skid to the air receiver. The dryer design is a heatless, regenerative type and includes a solid-state cycle timer, reliable switching valve design, and purge muffler for quiet operation.
  • Two Stage Filtration: Filters mounted and plumbed to the air dryer. The first stage of filtration includes a .01-micron pre-filter with element change indicator and automatic condensate drain installed upstream of the air dryer. The second stage filter is a 1-micron particulate filter with element change indicator installed downstream of the air dryer.
  • Dew Point Monitor with visual and audio alarms
  • Pressure Regulator reducing valve with a pressure gauge installed downstream of the final filter to allow for field adjustable outlet pressure.
  • NEMA1 control panel
  • All components are be skid mounted and piped to the air receiver
California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS
Products specifications
Max Pressure (PSI)200
Connection Size1" NPT
Dimensions34" x 50" x 77"H
Weight601 lbs
CFM @ 100 PSI60
Purge Air Flow18% of Dryer CFM Rating
Air Dryer Dew Point-40ºF Standard / Optional -100ºF
Min ambient temperature5ºC (41ºF)
CFM Range56-99
Tank Size120 Gallons