Pneumatech OWS 25 Oil Water Separator Condensate Manager, 8102046801

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Pneumatech OWS 25 Oil Water Separator Condensate Management System - 8102046801

The condensate generated by oil-injected compressors contains traces of oil. Because oil poses an environmental risk, it must be treated before it can be disposed. This is done by separating the oil and water contained in the condensate, thereby preventing polluted wastewater from harming the environment. It’s not just the right thing to do, in many countries it's a legal requirement.

Pneumatech's OWS 25 is the choice of decisions makers who will only settle for the most reliable and effect solution in the market. In the first stage of the dual-stage filtration system, the condensate flows through a polypropylene filter which separates out the oil in two steps: first as the condensate passes through it, and second when it fills in the chamber below which traps the oil that rises to the top. In the second stage, the condensate flows through another chamber where activated carbon filters out any remaining oil particles in the condensate.

The OWS 25 is rated to handle up to 25cfm in a mild climate with dryers and filters connected. If you are only tying this into your air compressor receiver tank, this oil water condensate separator is rated for 32cfm. This specific condensate manager is designed for mineral based oils typically shipped with piston/reciprocating air compressors and smaller rotary compressors.

The Pneumatech OWS 25 is the same as Atlas Copco OSC 12 and the Chicago Pneumatic CPP 15 with the only difference being the company logo on the front. The Atlas Copco part number for their OSC12 is 8102046615 and the Chicago Pneumatic internal part number is 8102046890.


  • Hassle-free maintenance with simplified service kits that allow for a long service interval of 4000 hours
  • Stable and reliable performance with dual-stage filtration
  • Clean wastewater, with oil content at the outlet at just 10ppm, and the possibility of going to as low as 5ppm depending on the set-up
  • No service is required on the OWS 25 – simply toss your old unit and install and identical!
  • Certified by Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt)

Technical Specifications

  • Max capacity without dryer and filters – 32cfm
  • Max capacity with dryer and filters – 25cfm
  • Dimensions – 10” x 6” x 9”
  • Weight – 1.2lbs
  • Condensate Inlet – 6mm tubing
  • Water Outlet – 10mm tubing