Ingersoll Rand FA150IG 1.0 Micron General Purpose Compressed Air Line Filter, 88 CFM, 1" NPT, 24233520

Part #: FA150IG
GTIN: 663023154190
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Ingersoll Rand FA150IG 1.0 Micron General Purpose Compressed Air Line Filter, 88 CFM, 1" NPT, 24233520

The FA150IG in-line filter from Ingersoll Rand is rated to 88 cfm and utilizes 1" NPT threads. This filter is designed to remove all dust/debris particles down to 1 micron (one millionth of a meter) and will also remove oil aerosol vapors down to 0.1 mg/m3 (0.1 ppm). The FA150IG general purpose particulate filter is most commonly installed upstream of a refrigerated air dryer to prevent debris from entering the air dryer and damaging the condenser or drain. It will also remove bulk contaminants prior to the air entering the dryer so the refrigeration circuit will not need to work as hard. The internal Ingersoll Rand part number for this filter is 24233520.

If you already have the FA150IG filter assembly and only need the replacement internal element, this can be found on the 24242018 product page.

Ingersoll Rand's advanced F-Series compressed air filters reduce contamination in your air stream to help protect your critical processes and valuable equipment. Our filters are rigorously tested and engineered with superior components to provide years of reliable performance and consistently high-quality air.

Better Quality
Without effective filtration, products and processes that depend on compressed air are subject to increased scrap, poor quality and additional maintenance. Ingersoll Rand F-Series filters address these issues, helping to assure your compressed air system delivers clean, high-quality air throughout your facility.

Better Efficiency
Maintaining a low pressure drop on all compressed air components is critical for an energy-efficient system. Ingersoll Rand F-Series filters have been engineered to deliver low pressure drop throughout the life of the filter element and to provide a unique dual indicator that illustrates the true cost of pressure drop on the system. Pressure drop accounts for over three-quarters of the ownership cost of a compressed air filter. Even when a filter element is clean and dry, it can rob a compressed air system of pressure, causing the air compressor to work harder and increase energy costs. The flow path through the F-Series filter housing reduces turbulence and enhances effi ciency, while the deep-pleated element design further minimizes pressure drop.

Designed with Maintenance in Mind
Features such as no-touch element replacement and visual bowl-to-head alignment indicators make maintaining the F-Series filter hassle-free. The “zero-clearance” design requires minimal space around the filter, allowing F-Series filters to be installed where other filters won't fit. Long element life provides effi cient operation for up to one year between element changeouts, helping to reduce overall ownership costs.

Superior Filtration Technology - Features and Benefits FA150IG

  • Patented dual indicator shows differential pressure drop and economical operating efficiency
  • Patented smooth bore flow insert directs air into the filter element, minimizing turbulence and pressure losses
  • Filter element with stainless steel mesh withstands high differential pressure while minimizing flow restriction through the element
  • Ergonomic bowl design with no-touch filter element simplifies element replacement
  • Industrial-grade brass float drain discharges accumulated condensate and oil more reliably than lesser quality plastic drains
  • High-efficiency drainage layer improves liquid drainage properties and enhances chemical compatibility
  • Deep-pleated filter media reduces air flow velocity to maximize filtration efficiency and minimize pressure losses

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