Graco Piston Sleeve

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OEM Graco
Graco Airless Paint sprayer Sleeve Assembly - 248210

The Graco 248210 airless sprayer sleeve assembly houses all of the major fluid section components, including the piston rod, cylinder, and main fluid packings.

For use with the following Graco airless sprayers:

Airless Paint SprayerModel No.Series Letter
1095 II Ult MX Prem Hi-boy826044 
1095 II Ult MX Std Hi-boy826050 
1095 II Ultra Max Prem Hi-boy248034 
1095 II Ultra Max Std Hi-boy248039 
1095 II UltraMax Premium Hi-Boy249653A
1095 II UltraMax Standard Hi-Boy249651A
1095 II Ultimate MX Stand. High-Boy826073A
1095 II Ultimate MX Prem. High-Boy826074B
1595 II Ult MX Prem Hi-boy826045 
1595 II Ult MX Std Hi-boy826051 
1595 II Ult MX Prem Hi-boy826053 
1595 II UltraMax Prem Hi-boy248035 
1595 II UltraMax Std Hi-boy248040 
1595 II UltraMax Premium Hi-Boy253059A,B
1595 II UltraMax Standard Hi-Boy253060A
1595 II UltraMax Stand. (Non ETL)249658A
1595 II Ultimate MX Stand. High-Boy826082B
1595 II Ultimate MX Prem. High-Boy826081A
1595 II Ultimate MX Stand.(Non ETL)826075A
1595 II Ultimate MX Prem.(Non ETL)826076A
1595 ULTIMATE MX824160 
1595 ULTIMATE MX825040 
1595 ULTIMATE MX CSA825042 
1595 Ultra Max (Bare)232160 
1595 Ultra Max232161 
1595 Ultra Max CSA (Bare)232162 
1595 Ultra Max CSA232163 
1595 Ultra Max Hi Boy Bare245040 
1595 Ultra Max245041 
1595 Ultra Max245042 
1595 Ultra Max245043 
3012 With GMax 5900 Pump224524B
5900 II GMax Conv Hi248889 
5900 II GMax Conv Hi prm248692 
5900 II GMax Conv Hi std248691 
5900 II GMax Conv Hi std248693 
5900 II GMax Conv Lo prm248696 
5900 II GMax Conv Lo prm248890 
5900 II GMax Conv Lo std248694 
5900 II GMax Conv Lo std248695 
5900 II GMax Conv Lo std248697 
5900 II GMax Conv Lo-Boy (Gas )248695 
5900 II GMax Prem HI boy248690 
5900 II GMax Prem lo boy248689 
5900 II GMax Std HI boy248688 
5900 II GMax Std Lo boy248687 
5900 GMax Lo Boy (Non Display)232623 
5900 GMax Lo Boy(Bare)(Non Display)232622 
5900 GMax Hi Boy (Non Display)232621 
5900 GMAX Hi Boy(Bare)(Non Display)232620 
5900 GMax Bare/HiBoy233706 
5900 GMax Bare/LoBoy233705 
5900 GMax Complete/HiBoy233708 
5900 GMax Complete/LoBoy233707 
5900 GMAX CONV Non Display232624 
5900 GMAX CONV Non Display232625 
5900 GMAX CONV Non Display232626 
5900 GMAX CONV Non Display232629 
5900 GMAX CONV Non Display232680 
5900 GMAX CONV Non Display232682 
5900 GMax Conv/Hi233709 
5900 GMax Conv/Hi233710 
5900 GMax Conv/Hi233711 
5900 GMax Conv/Hi233712 
5900 GMax Conv/Lo233713 
5900 GMax Conv/Lo233714 
5900 GMax Conv/Lo233715 
10000 GMAX232640 
130 GH Conv. Bare253709 
130 GH Conv.Comp.253957 
130 GH Conv. Bare w/electric motor (non csa)253959 
130 GH Conv. Bare w/electric motor (csa)253980 
5900 LineLazer II232661 
5900 LineLazer II W/1 Gun233728 
5900 LineLazer II W/2 Guns233729 
5900 LineLazer III 1 GUNS233690 
5900 LineLazer III 2 GUNS233691 
5900 Linelazer IV 1 gun248866 
5900 LineLazer IV 2 gun248867 
5900 LineLazer IV Auto-Layout 1 gun253921 
5900 LineLazer IV Auto-Layout 2 gun253954 
5900HD TexSpray248699 
5900HD TexSpray Conv255630 
5900HD TexSpray Conv255631 
5900HD TexSpray Conv (CSA, ETL,UL)255954 
Mark V Non ETL Approved249903A
MARK V249029 
Mark V ETL Approved249904B
1095 II UltraMax Premium Hi-Boy249653B
1595 II UltraMax Stand. (Non ETL)249658B
1595 II UltraMax Prem. (Non ETL)249659A
Mark V Non ETL Approved249903B
Mark V ETL Approved249904A
1595 II UltraMax Premium Hi-Boy253059B
1095 II UltraMax Standard Hi-Boy249651, 253060B
1095 II Ultimate MX Stand. High-Boy826073B
1095 II Ultimate MX Prem. High-Boy826074A
1595 II Ultimate MX Stand.(Non ETL)826075B
1595 II Ultimate MX Prem.(Non ETL)826076B
1595 II Ultimate MX Prem. High-Boy826081B
1595 II Ultimate MX Stand. High-Boy826082A
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