Graco FastFinish Pressure-Boosted Hopper Gun

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Graco FastFinish Pressure-Boosted Drywall Texture Hopper Spray Gun - 25D496

Finish texture spray jobs up to 6x faster with the Graco pressure-boosted hopper gun! The pressure boosted system sends a small amount of compressed air into the top of the material hopper. This airflow pushes down on the material, creating a faster finish with less material waste.

The FastFinish hopper has a sealed lid on top. This helps prevent material spills saving both material and cleanup time. Since the hopper is completely sealed, you can spray in any direction without getting drywall mud on yourself or the floor.

This pressured gun also includes Graco's WideTex spray tips. These tips provide a broad, consistent fan-spray pattern, ensuring jobs can be completed more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Effortless left to right spraying motion, eliminating the need to keep the gun moving in a circular motion.

Unlike a traditional hopper gun that may only have an air valve, the following valves are included to help the operator dial in the precise flow and finish for each job:

Material Flow Regulator: Pressurizes the material hopper and adjusts material flow.

Needle Travel Adjustment Knob: Adjusts the positions of the gun needle in relation to the spray tip. Turn clockwise to limit needle travel and reduce material flow; turn counterclockwise to increase needle travel
and increase flow

Air Flow Valve: Adjusts the amount of atomizing air that is sent to the spray tip to control the spray pattern.

Two handles are included on the hopper assembly, This lets you position the material opening accordingly depending on whether you are spraying walls or a ceiling. A trigger lock is also included to hold the trigger open and to reduce operator fatigue. A trigger lock is also included to hold the trigger open and to reduce operator fatigue. This model includes an air fitting to connect to your air compressor hose.


  • Acoustics
  • Drywall mud
  • Water-proofing material
  • Pool deck sealant
  • Stucco
  • Most all gravity-fed materials

Includes Nozzle Sizes

  • 4mm Standard - Simulated acoustic, fine orange peel
  • 6mm Standard - Orange peel, spatter coat
  • 8mm Standard - Spatter coat
  • 4mm WideTex - Simulated acoustic, fine orange peel
  • 6mm WideTex - Orange peel, spatter coat
  • 8mm WideTex - Spatter coat