Graco 25N219, Carbide Flat, 8-inch Drum Assembly for GrindLazers

SKU: 25N219
Part #: 25N219
GTIN: 755652784760
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Graco offers a variety of carbide cutters for nearly any application. These cutters use high-quality tungsten carbide to ensure a long service life.

8-inch carbide flat cutter drum assembly for Graco GrindLazer Scarifier Systems. These versatile cutters use a flat carbide pin to strip, mill, and clean concrete and asphalt surfaces.

Used on the following GrindLazers:

  • GrindLazer Pro DC89
  • GrindLazer Pro DC1013
  • GrindLazer HP DC89
  • GrindLazer HP DC1013
  • GrindLazer HP DC1021

Small Side: 14 Spacers, 7 Cutters Big Side: 18 Spacers, 13 Cutters


  • Part # 25N219
  • 8-inch wide cut
  • 120 cutters
  • 192 spacers
  • 6 rods
  • 2 end plates
  • Fully Assembled

Genuine Graco