Chicago Pneumatic Two Cylinder RCPC Maintenance Service Kit

SKU: 1312101250
Part #: 1312101250

Chicago Pneumatic OEM 1312101250 Maintenance Service Kit for RCPC Two Cylinder 7.5 and 10HP

Maintenance and service on Chicago Pneumatic piston compressors should be performed once per year, regardless of the compressor run hours. This entails changing the inlet air filter element and changing the oil. The air filter should be changed out twice per year if the compressor is operating in a dusty or dirty environment. The 1312101250 maintenance kit provides two air filter elements and two quarts of piston compressor oil. Changing the air filter will prolong the life of your compressor by protecting the critical parts on the inside of the compressor. Proactively changing the air filter will also increase your energy efficiency by not restricting the inlet airflow going into the air compressor. Changing the lubricant will ensure proper lubrication of the internal bearings, crankshaft, and pistons.

This service kit is most commonly associated with the RCP-C7.5VC2 and RCP-C1012 two stage piston air compressors. These maintenance items will work with the two cylinder, V-shape C2 pump. Sometimes this kit number may be displayed as 1312 1012 50 or 1312-1012-50. The filters and oil in this compressor service kit will also work in almost all NAPA twin cylinder piston compressors, as well as many Atlas Copco, BelAir, and Quincy reciprocating units. Please give our parts department a call with your model number if you would like confirmation that these parts will work with your compressor.

If your compressor is a single cylinder two stage pump, you will want to purchase item 1312101249.

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