BEKOKAT iCC 070 Catalytic Conversion Oil and Bacteria Compressed Air Removal System, 70cfm, 4052419

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BEKOKAT iCC 070 Catalytic Conversion Oil and Bacteria Compressed Air Removal System, 70cfm, 4052419

The The BEKO iCC 070 is a unique and innovative way of achieving oil-free air without the need of an oil-free air compressor. The outlet air not only reduces the oil content by  0.003 mg/m3, but germs and hydrocarbons are removed as well - resulting in cleaner and safer air than seen with an oil-free air compressor. The ICC 070 is rated to handle up to 70cfm of compressed air.

The intake air for compressed air generation is usually contaminated with hydrocarbons. Even with oil-free compressed air generation, a treatment solution is therefore required. The catalytic converter BEKOKAT reliably cleans the compressed air and thus constantly provides oil-free compressed air better than class 1 according to ISO 8573-1. The catalytic compressed air treatment breaks down all hydrocarbons in the compressed air into carbon dioxide and water. Due to process temperatures above 150°C, the escaping compressed air behind the BEKOKAT ® is free of germs, bacteria and viruses.

For compressed air preparation with the BEKOKAT, the specially developed granulate is heated in the pressure vessel to a temperature of 300°F. In the catalyst, the oil molecules of the compressed air flowing through the heated container are completely converted to water and carbon dioxide on the surface of the catalyst granulate. Completely deoiled, sterile compressed air emerges from the container. The condensate produced when the compressed air cools down is also oil-free and can be discharged into the sewerage system without treatment.

The BEKOKAT is extremely flexible in its installation. It can be installed centrally in the compressed air station and thus treat 100 % of the generated compressed air oil-free, or it can be installed in partial lines or in direct proximity to the compressed air consumer in order to treat directly only the compressed air flow that is required oil-free.

Benefits of a Hydrocarbon Catalytic System for generating oil-free and bacteria-free compressed air

  • Oil-free Compressed Air: The exclusive technology used in the BEKOKAT continuously produces oil-free compressed air from any compressor type down to 0.003 mg/m3 and exceeds ISO Class 1 standards.
  • Gern-free Compressed Air: The additional benefit of the operating principle is that the compressed air output is also amicrobic and spore-free compressed air in accordance with ISO 8573-7.
  • Performance: Process reliability is guaranteed where the flow of oil-free compressed air maintains a stable residual oil content level independent of any ambient hydrocarbon conditions even under partial loads.
  • Controls: Using advanced and responsive machine controls together with our valving system we ensure machine and plant safety providing you with a true hydrocarbon firewall.
  • Lifecycle Costs: With maintenance intervals of 24,000 hours and without the need to worry about oil filter or seal failures, users gain low lifecycle costs, quick ROI, and maximum protection.

The BEKO iCC 070 is rated to 70cfm and the internal BEKO part number for this system is 4052419. A refrigerated air dryer is recommended to be installed after the BEKOKAT to remove any moisture from the air lines.

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS
Products specifications
Flow Rate70 cfm
Maximum Inlet Temperature131 F
Max Pressure (PSI)232 psi
Min ambient temperature41 F
Weight386 LBS
Dimensions40 x 22 x 60"H
Connection Size1" NPT