BEKO FDR 4 DRYPOINT Membrane Dryer with Pre-Filtration and Regulator, 4.18cfm

Part #: FDR 4

BEKO FDR 4 DRYPOINT® Membrane Dryer with Pre-Filtration and Regulator, 4.18 cfm

The BEKO FDR series is an all-in-one package that combines a pre-filter, air dryer, and pressure regulator in one simple to install setup. Perfect for end use applications where clean dry air is a necessity.

The air is first sent through the micro-filter that removes particles and debris in the air down to .01 micron. This also removes trace oil vapors down to .01ppm. The compressed air then travels through a membrane style air dryer that acts as a dew point suppression style dryer, which will lower the dew point of the compressed air by approximately 30ºF depending on inlet conditions. An air regulator is pre-installed on the outlet of the membrane dryer allowing the operator to fine tune the air pressure exactly where it’s needed prior to the air getting sent into production equipment.

The FDR4 dryer is a compact combination of filter, dryer and pressure regulator. It is an optimal solution for end-position applications. The FDR unit is delivered as a completely pre-assembled and only needs to be connected to the compressed air supply. The pressure regulator ensures constant pressure at the end position with 43-145psi

Membrane air dryers are a type of dryer that use permeable fiber technology and the process of de-humidification to dry compressed air streams to the required dew point of an application. Unlike standard refrigerated dryers, membrane dryers act as a dewpoint suppression. They take the incoming dew point and lower it by a certain percentage depending on the inlet air conditions. A small amount of purge air is used in the drying process which is then released into the atmosphere. The Compressed Air and Gas Institute advises us to dry only the compressed air that is actually being used, and to make it only as dry as the application truly requires. Membrane air dryers are perfectly suited for this type of point-of-use drying, are adaptable to various ambient conditions, and require no electricity

The internal BEKO Technologies part number for the FDR 4 membrane air dryer is 4032041.

Do you have questions on compressed air treatment and what would be the most effective solution at removing water and/or containments from your system? Give our office a call and we are happy to assist.

BEKO FDR 4 Standard Features

  • Small footprint and easy installation
  • Pre-configured FDR packages include all required filtration
  • Dries compressed air with no electricity required.
  • No moving parts, can be used in fixed or mobile applications
  • A quiet, non-nuisance solution for ultra-dry air
California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS
Products specifications
Connection Size1/4" NPT
Dimensions9.5" x 5.51" x 1.06"
Weight3.2 lbs
CFM @ 100 PSI4.18
Max Pressure (PSI)140
CFM Range1-12