BEKO 250 CFM Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer, RACT 250, 230v 1phase, 1.5” NPT

Part #: RACT 250
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BEKO RACT 250 - 250 CFM Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer, 230/1/60, 1.5"NPT

The BEKO RA CT series of cycling refrigerated air dryers is the optimal choice for facilities that need an industrial grade air dryer that can run 24/7 while maximizing energy efficiency. Plants often see up to 55% cost savings compared to conventional refrigeration dryers in the first 5 years by utilizing the intelligent control system.

The RACT 250 standard voltage is 230v single phase power. The internal BEKO model number is 4038918. This dryer is also available in a 460v/3/60hz configuration – please contact us for additional information.

This 250cfm cycling dryer will adjust its refrigeration compressor and fan to match the supply of incoming compressed air, reducing its power consumption when the full load of the air compressor is not being utilized.

A 250cfm refrigerated air dryer is often paired with a 50hp rotary screw air compressor.

Refrigerant air dryers are commonly found in the majority of general industrial plant air applications. They offer users the best price-to-performance ratio in comparison to the air quality produced. The dryness of the air may not be as low as with other dryer types, yet the outlet air from refrigerant dryers is more than acceptable for the majority of application. Specifically with the Eco Series dryers, users are provided with maximum energy savings from the cycling and variable speed technologies used.

The RACT250 cycling dryer comes standard with the BEKOMAT no-loss condensate drain. The BEKOMAT drains off condensate without loss of compressed air, thus reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions for further savings.

Do you have questions on compressed air treatment and what would be the most effective solution at removing water and/or containments from your system? Give our office a call and we are happy to assist.

BEKO RACT 250 Standard Features

  • Maximized energy savings with cycling dryer technology
  • DMC 51 microprocessor controller
  • Variable compressor and fan operation provides a stable dew point
  • Integrated BEKOMAT energy efficient no-loss drain valve
  • UL / CSA certified control panel
  • Oversized condenser for increased energy savings
  • Enviromentally safe refrigerants
  • 230v single phase power

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS
Products specifications
Max Pressure (PSI)200
Voltage Frequency60Hz
Drain TypeNo-Loss Automatic Drain
Connection Size1.5" NPT
Dimensions35" x 22" x 23"
Weight139 lbs
CFM @ 100 PSI250
CFM Range200-299