Pump Armor, 8 oz.

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OEM Graco
Pump Armor for Magnum Sprayers - 243104

Simply fill your pump with Pump Armor and store until you use your sprayer again.

Pump Armor keeps your sprayer running smoothly with the right fluids. Using proper fluids can extend equipment life and protect your investment.

Magnum Pump Armor Is Used To:
  • Protect your sprayer’s pump when it’s not in use
  • Protects sprayer from corrosion and freezing
  • Helps to ensure startup on next operation

Magnum Pump Armor is identical to Regular Graco Pump Armor (243103)

  • Specially formulated to protect the airless pump during long term storage
  • Virtually eliminates damage due to corrosion
  • Freeze-proof to -30 degrees F
  • Use full strength for maximum corrosion protection
  • Wide-mouth bottle conveniently fits most pump intake tubes - No waste!
  • Minimal evaporation ensures prolonged protection
  • Non-flammable
Easy to use
  1. Completely clean pump with compatible solvent (use warm soapy for waterbase, thinner for solvent base.)
  2. Relieve pressure and open prime valve
  3. Place pump inlet into Pump Armor bottle
  4. Fill fluid section with Pump Armor (cycle pump slowly until you see Pump Armor come out of prime return tube)
  5. Remove hose and cap outlet fitting. Leave Pump Armor bottle under pump inlet to seal the system
  6. Relieve pressure and close prime valve before storage
  7. After storage - thoroughly flush sprayer with water and dispose of Pump Armor in accordance with local regulations.

California Residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS
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