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Ingersoll Rand 85565620 OEM Filter Element for F144IG In Line Filter Assembly

SKU: 85565620
Part #: 85565620
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OEM Ingersoll Rand Replacement Filter Element for F144IG In Line Filter Assembly - 85565620

Replacement general purpose inline filter element for the older style Ingersoll Rand F-Series red light filter. This element was used in the F144IG filter assemblies that had a red blinking light on top of the housing.

This 85565620 element is only used in the F144IG filter housing. The part number for the entire filter housing was 85565109. This should state to use element # 85565620. The GP series filter was a general purpose dust and water removal filter. This filtered particles down to 1 micron and water/oil aerosols down to 1 mg/m3. This filter is often paired with a high efficiency coalescing oil removal filter.

This is an OEM filter manufactured by Ingersoll Rand. Most filters sold online are aftermarket filters and are not rated to the same filtration efficiency as OEM. Please contact our parts department if you would like confirmation this will work with your air system.