SprayTech GX-07 Two Finger Airless Spray Gun

Part #: 0512180

Sorry - this product is no longer available

Please use 0501004W.

SprayTech GX-07 Airless Spray Gun

The GX-07 spray gun is an all metal gun manufactured by SprayTech. This gun features an in-line filter to help prevent against tip clogs and provide a better finish on the surface. Made from rugged metal, durability is standard and will last for many years with proper cleaning and maintenance.


  • Sprays Stains, Oil based and Latex paints, Enamels or Lacquers
  • Quick Change Filter (One 100 Mesh Filter Included)
  • All Metal Tungsten carbide wear parts
  • Reduced Trigger pull for less fatigue
  • Right and Left hand trigger lock for user convenience
  • Includes Guard, NO TIP

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