Pressure Washer Maintenance

There are a few kinds of maintenance such as:

  • Regular
  • Winterizing
  • Spring

All are important to keep your pressure washing equipment in good working order. Since we are a BE Authorized Repair Center as well as an authorized repair facility for other brands such as Graco, Portland Compressor is more than capable to service your pressure washer.

Regular Maintenance

Each day you pressure wash:
  Inspect, clean and replace as needed

  • Engine oil level, add to when needed (gas models)
  • Check electric cord and plug for damage (electric)
  • Gun trigger safety

Each week of washing:

  • Tip wear, replace if necessary
  • Inspect all high pressure hoses
  • Inspect all high pressure connections


  • Schedule a maintenance check and tune-up at an authorized repair center such as:
    Portland Compressor
    7440 SW Bonita Rd
    Portland Oregon 97224