Popular Pressure Washer Accessories

Here are some common accessories that are used by both professional pressure washer companies and residential users as well.

Common Accessories for your Pressure Washer


BE stainless steel Whirl-A-Way concrete cleaner
85.403.00316" Flat Surface Cleaning Floor Scrubber
85.403.01520" Stainless Steel Floor Scrubber
85.403.01624" Stainless Steel Floor Scrubber

Water Broom

85.400.061Large Water Broom, 4 Nozzle
85.400.060Small Water Broom, 3 Nozzle

Rotary Nozzle

BE Rotary Turbo Nozzle for pressure washers
85.210.180Small Assembly Rotary Nozzle
85.210.190Small Assembly Rotary Nozzle
85.210.011Small Assembly Rotary Nozzle


pressure washer gauge
85.305.0005000 PSI Pressure Gauge
85.305.0015000 PSI Test Gauge Assembly

Rotary Nozzles - Spring Loaded

BE spring loaded rotary nozzle
85.210.019Small Spring Loaded Rotary NozzleSize - #3.5
85.210.020Medium Spring Loaded Rotary NozzleSize - #4.0
85.210.021Large Spring Loaded Rotary NozzleSize - #4.5

Couplers and Plugs

Twist coupler
85.300.1011/4" FNPT Plug
85.300.1021/4" FNPT Quick Connect Sure-Lock Coupler
85.300.1033/8" FNPT Quick Connect Sure-Lock Coupler
85.300.1043/8" FNPT Plug
85.300.1053/8" MNPT Plug
85.300.1071/4" Sure Lock Quick Connect MNPT Coupler
85.300.1083/8" Sure Lock Quick Connect MNPT Coupler
85.300.1123/8" Stainless Steel Swivel
85.300.1201/2" MNPT Garden Hose Hex Adapter
85.300.1241/4" FNPT inlet Q Connect Insulated Knob
85.300.1253/8" FNPT inlet Q Connect Insulated Knob
85.300.1261/4" Screw Type FNPT
85.300.1273/8" Screw Type FNPT

Couplers and Plugs

85.400.001Low Pressure Chemical Injector
85.400.003High Pressure Chemical Injector Kit

Gutter Cleaner

pressure washer gutter cleaner attachment
85.400.007Rain Gutter Attachment
85.400.03229" Rain Gutter Attachment

Cleaning Detergents

85.490.050Car Wash Detergent
85.490.051House and Siding Detergent
85.490.052Deck and Fence Detergent
85.490.053Heavy Duty Detergent

Telescoping Pressure Washer Poles

BE telescoping pressure washer pole
85.206.01212' Telescoping Washer Pole
85.206.01818' Telescoping Washer Pole
85.205.024SHD24' Heavy Duty Telescoping Washer Pole

Pressure Washer Tips

85.210.032Pack of 4 Washer Tips - Size 3.0
85.210.038Pack of 4 Washer Tips - Size 3.5
85.210.040BEPPack of 4 Washer Tips - Size 4.0
85.210.047Pack of 4 Washer Tips - Size 4.5
85.210.050Pack of 4 Washer Tips - Size 5.0