Currently packages sent via UPS are the only ones that can be tracked. Nearly everything we ship is sent via UPS. The exceptions are; heavy equipment, crated items, items over 150 lbs., and some light-weight items such as single; spray tips, gun filters and other small parts.

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You can track your packages by tracking number or by order number.

Transit times vary. These variables include; carrier, destination, package weight, package size and item types (some items must go via ground do to FAA regulations).

UPS Tracking

Enter either your tracking number in the "By Tracking Number" box or your Portland Compressor online order number in the "By Order Number" box and use the "Track It" button.

By Tracking Number

Enter your UPS Tracking Number

Enter additional tracking number(s)

By Order Number

Enter your Portland Compressor Online
Order Number

OR Enter your shipping Zip Code

UPS Ground service time map

Freight Truck Tracking

Some trucking companies have tracking systems and some do not.

Some items that ship via regular freight truck;

Graco Airless Sprayers

Graco Airless Sprayers

  • Ultra 695 and above
  • Ultra Max II 695 and above

Ingersoll Rand Compressors

BE Pressure Washers