RotoFlex Pump Hose Replacement - RTX 750, 1000

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Replacing a TexSpray RotoFlex pump hose is not too terribly hard to do. Follow these instructions carefully and you will be spraying texture before you know it. This applies to the following Graco TexSpray texture sprayers: RTX 750 (# 254974) and RTX 1000 (#246184)

First you will need the correct Graco TexSpray pump repair kit. For the above sprayers it should be Graco RotoFlex Pump Hose #234156. Also a block like chunk of wood such as planer-end.

Pressure Relief Procedure

To reduce the risk of serious bodily injury, including electric shock and splashing fluid in eyes, follow this procedure whenever you stop spraying.

  1. Shut OFF air source.
  2. Disconnect power source.
  3. Turn gun air valve ON.


Do Pressure Relief Procedure before continuing!

  1. Relieve Pressure
  2. Unplug sprayer from outlet.
  3. Remove shroud (6 bolts).
  4. Remove hopper by loosening bottom fitting and then lifting hopper straight up, off unit.
  5. Remove material hose.
  6. Loosen bolt (A) located between air and material hose outlets. Unscrew bolt to lower plate, leaving about 4-5 threads on bolt.
  7. Slide a wood block under motor for support.
  8. Rotate plate. Slide hose off by pushing outward on hose fittings.

You are half way there


Reinstall RotoFlex Pump hose on plate.

  1. Kink hose as shown, making sure dots located on hose fitting face each other.
  2. Slide hose onto plate as shown below, making sure plate slides into slot between hex fitting on end of hose.
  3. Align dots located on hose fitting, making sure they are facing each other at all times to ensure the hose does not twist during reinstallation.
  4. Reposition plate, aligning hex fittings with enclosure openings.
  5. Remove wood block support under motor.
  6. Tighten bolt. As bolt is tightened the plate will snug back into place.
  7. Replace shroud (6 bolts).
  8. Replace hopper.
  9. Break in new pump by running dry or with warm water for 3-5 minutes.