RotoFlex II Pump Hose Replacement - RTX 650, 900, 1250

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Replacing a TexSpray RotoFlex II pump hose is not too real hard to do. Following these instructions with care will get you spraying texture again quickly.

This applies to the following Graco TexSpray texture sprayers; RTX 650 (#254973).

First you will need the correct Graco TexSpray pump repair kit. For the above sprayers it should be Graco RotoFlex Pump Hose # 288623. You will also need a little petroleum jelly.

Pressure Relief Procedure

To reduce the risk of serious bodily injury, including electric shock and splashing fluid in eyes, follow this procedure whenever you stop spraying.

  1. Turn Power Switch OFF.
  2. Trigger gun into material hopper.
  3. Disconnect air hose from gun.


Do Pressure Relief Procedure before continuing!

  1. Relieve Pressure
  2. Unplug sprayer from outlet.
  3. Remove shroud (2 screws upper, 2 screws lower. Pull back and up).
  4. Loosen two spacers (56) and knob (41).
  5. Loosen hopper fitting by hand to remove hopper (1).
  6. Use 3/8 in. socket to remove screw (36) from hose bracket (27).
  7. Slide hose fittings out of hose bracket (27) and remove hose (23) from base (2).

You are half way there


Reinstall RotoFlex Pump hose on plate.

  1. Bend hose (23) so colored dots on hose fittings face each other and slide hose fittings through hose bracket (27).
    CAUTION: Make sure protective fabric faces outside of hose. Roller will touch exposed area of pump hose when pump is in place.
  2. Squeeze hose ends together to keep hose (23) and bracket (27) together and feed pump hose fittings through holes on front of base.
  3. Use 3/8 in. socket to tighten screw (36) on hose bracket (27).
  4. Install hopper and tighten hopper fitting on hopper (1) by hand until snug.
  5. To set pressure, apply petroleum jelly to threads (41), tighten knob (41) until back of bracket (25) is approximately 1/2 in. from front of tensioning bracket (16).
  6. Tighten front spacer (56) until flush to front of tensioning bracket (16). Tighten back spacer (56) 3/8 in. from tensioning bracket.
Note: To break in new pump, run sprayer dry for no longer than two minutes. Replace hose when mud seeps through slots in the base and leaves material on the floor.