Texture Sprayer Cleaning and Storage

The cleaning of texture sprayers are just as important as the cleaning of an airless paint sprayer. It is still necessary to ensure all of the paint is eliminated from the sprayer, gun, and hopper. Leaving excess paint in any of these parts can cause clogs that will affect the sprayers performance in the future.

Keep pump and hose clean when switching between simulated acoustic, knockdown and orange peel applications. A dirty pump can release particles of texture into the finish. Many contractors will also keep spare guns and hoses on the jobsite when switching materials.

When you have finished spraying:

  1. Open gun air valve

  2. Turn hopper gun/spray gun selection switch to SPRAY GUN

  3. Turn power switch ON

  4. Close gun air valve

  5. Trigger gun into bucket until most of texture mix is pumped out.

  6. Fill material hopper with 2-4 gallons of clean water

  7. Spray inside material hopper to circulate water through gun and hose. While circulating water, use gun to clean material hopper.

  8. Partially open gun air valve to use air to achieve better cleaning results.

  9. Spray water into a waste bucket to empty material hopper.

  10. Turn power switch OFF.

  11. Open gun air valve.

texture hopper bucket
spraying texture into hopper

Removing Material Hopper from Sprayer

  1. Loosen bottom fitting on the hopper where it connects to the sprayer

  2. Lift material hopper straight up, off unit.

  3. Plug opening on bottom of material hopper with your hand.

  4. Take hopper to cleaning area.

Cleaning the Touch-Up Hopper Attachment

  1. Shut off compressor. Disconnect air line from gun

  2. Drain material into a bucket until most of the texture material is out of hopper.

  3. Fill hopper with clean water. Remove nozzle from gun and allow water to flow through and out of gun.

  4. Flush until gun is clean

  5. Turn power switch ON

  6. Open gun air valve

  7. Trigger gun to blow air through tip, clearing out any remaining material.

  8. Remove hopper from gun and finish cleaning all components. A soft brush may be used to help loosen any dried on material from surface.

  9. To improve working condition for future use, after cleaning, apply a few drops of light oil to:

    • air hose quick disconnect
    • material hose connections
    • flow adjustment on gun