Summit Ultima-32 High Performance Synthetic Rotary Screw Air Compressor Oil, ISO 32, 12000 Hours

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Summit Ultima-32 High Performance Synthetic Rotary Screw Air Compressor Oil, ISO 32, 12000 Hours

Summit Ultima-32 rotary screw compressor oil is a synthetic high-performance lubricant offering drain intervals of 12,000+ hours at normal operating conditions. Formulated to withstand high temperatures and demanding conditions. Ultima 32 is an ISO 32 weight oil.

Summit Ultima is a high performance lubricant formulated specifically to outperform other synthetic rotary compressor lubricants on the market.  Ultima employs a unique base stock that allows improvements in oxidation resistance and sludge and deposit formation over conventional synthetic base stocks.  It is also compatible with existing O.E.M. provided lubricants. Please contact your Summit representative for additional information.

ULTIMA 32 Benefits to your application:

  • Reduced power consumption through less friction
  • Better thermal conductivity for reduced operating temperatures
  • Excellent high temperature thermal stability
  • Maximum protection against mechanical stress
  • Reduced metal to metal wear through better metal wetting
  • Eliminates carbon, varnish and sludge
  • 12,000+ hour drain intervals/lifespan under normal conditions

Summit Ultima-32 compressor oil is available in the following container sizes. Please contact us for pricing. The internal Summit product code for this item is 340277.

  • 330 Gallon Tote
  • 55 Gallon Drum
  • 5 Gallon Pail
  • 1 Gallon Container (must order in quantities of 6)
  • 1 Quart Container (must order in quantities of 12)

Physical Properties - Summit ULTIMA 32

  • ISO Grade: 32
  • Viscocity @ 40ºC: 32.2
  • Viscosity Index: 113
  • Specific Gravity: .899
  • TAN: .34
  • Flash Point, Fº: 495
  • Pour Point, Fº: -71
  • RPVOT Avg Minutes: 2940
  • Emulsion Tendency, 10 mins: 40/40/0

Summit ULTIMA 32 will work great with the following lubricants and is cross-compatible:

American Synthol, Inc.A328C 
Anderol Inc.BDC 32
Camco Lubricants42-S-32
Ingersoll Rand, plcSSR Ultra-Plus Coolant
ISEL Inc./VR Heavy Industries6863-32
Jax, Inc.Compresyn HD GTP 32
Lubriplate Div. Fiske Brothers Refining Co.Synxtreme AC 32
Sullivan PalatekAFX 32
Ultrachem, Inc.Chemlube Plus 32
Ultrachem, Inc.Chemlube 932
Xaerus Performance Fluids, Intl.XA 501 32
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