Summit TM-30 Non-Synthetic Air Compressor Oil, ISO 100, For Piston Air Compressors

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Summit TM-30 Non-Synthetic Air Compressor Oil, ISO 100, For Piston Air Compressors

Summit TM-30 a non-synthetic compressor oil most commonly used in reciprocating air compressors. TM-30 is an ISO 100 lubricant Formulated from highly refined petroleum basestock and the unique additive Syntholate providing superior thermal and oxidative stability.

The Summit TM Series is formulated from highly refined hydro-cracked base stocks and the unique additive SYNTHOLATE. The addition of SYNTHOLATE inhibits the formation of varnish and carbon and provides superior thermal and oxidative stability. Utilizing the superior petroleum base stocks fortified with SYNTHOLATE extends the life of the Summit TM Series compared to that of conventional mineral oils.

TM-30 Benefits to your application:

  • Improved rust and oxidation protection versus general or multi-purpose R&O circulation oils
  • Reduced lubricant consumption - Extended drain intervals and lower vapor pressures reduce lubricant consumption
  • Reduced maintenance - SYNTHOLATE reduces carbon and varnish formation thus extending valve life and the time interval between overhauls
  • Eliminates recompression - SYNTHOLATE keeps the valves clean and eliminates the primary cause of recompression
  • Reduced power consumption - Elimination of recompression and reduced coefficient of friction result in less power consumption per unit of compression
  • Improved safety - Higher flash points provide a greater margin of safety in air compression

Summit TM-30 compressor oil is available in the following container sizes. Please contact us for pricing. The internal Summit product code for this item is 340180.

  • 330 Gallon Tote
  • 55 Gallon Drum
  • 5 Gallon Pail
  • 1 Gallon Container (must order in quantities of 6)
  • 1 Quart Container (must order in quantities of 12)

Physical Properties - Summit TM-30

  • ISO Grade: 100
  • Viscocity @ 40ºC: 99.2
  • Viscosity Index: 99
  • Specific Gravity: .876
  • Flash Point, Fº: 520
  • Pour Point, Fº: -33
  • Four Ball Wear, mm: .6

Summit TM-30 will work great with the following lubricants and is cross-compatible:

Airtech Inc.ATO 1000
Airtech Inc.ATO 2000
Alcatel Vacuum ProductsAlcatel 120
Atlas CopcoAutoman Fluid
Atlas CopcoVacuum Pump Oil Mineral 100
Atlas CopcoVacuum Vane Fluid 100
Balmar / Oil Center ResearchPM 6000 30
Balmar / Oil Center ResearchPM7000 30
Becker Pumps Corp.M-100
Bel-Ray Company, Inc.Compuvac Oil 30
Bel-Ray Company, Inc.AW Compressor Oil 30
BP Lubricants North AmericaEnergol RC-R 100
BP Lubricants North AmericaEnergol RC 100
Busch LLCR-530
Busch LLCR-590
Busch LLCVM-100
Busch LLCVMH-100
Busch LLCR-530S
Cambridge Mills Products, Inc.CMP 57
Cambridge Mills Products, Inc.CMP 51
Campbell HausfeldAir Compressor Oil ST1253, Kobalt, Husky
Castrol Industrial N.A. div. BPAircol PD 100
Champion div. of Gardner DenverChampLub Mineral
ChevronGST 100
Citgo Petroleum Corp.Pacemaker T 115
Citgo Petroleum Corp.Compressor Oil 35 LP
CompAir div. of Gardner DenverCN300
D-A Lubricant Company, Inc.D-A Syn 1100
Dekker Vacuum Technologies, Inc.Duratex Standard 100
DeWalt Industrial Tool Co.Air Compressor Oil
Dow CorningMolykote L-0610
DuBois ChemicalsMPO 30
Edwards VacuumV Lube F
Elmo Rietschle Div Gardner DenverMulti Lube  100
ENI - American Agip - Lubricants Div.Dicrea 100
ENI - American Agip - Lubricants Div.Agip CO 100
MobilRarus 427
MobilDTE Heavy
FSCURTIS (Curtis-Toledo)FSC-Max Flluid ET
FSCURTIS (Curtis-Toledo)Lube Plus RC-1000A
FUCHS Lubricants Co.Renolin AC 100
Gardner Denver, Inc.AEON AC HC
Gardner Denver, Inc.AEON  500
Gulf Lubricants UK Ltd.Fidelity Oil 100
Hydrovane - Div of Gardner DenverFluid Force Red 2000
Imperial Oil LimitedCompressor Oil 122
Interlube CorporationCompressor Oil 30 PD
ISEL Inc./VR Heavy Industries6045-100
Jax, Inc.Compresyn HD PTS 100
Jenny Products, Inc.High Performance Comp Oil
Kerr Pump and SupplyKV-9003-100
Kost USAKOSTGard Comperssor H 100
Kurt J. Lesker Co.KJL SS 20
Lubrication Engineers, Inc.6404 Monolec
Lubrication Engineers, Inc.6804 Multilec
Lubriplate Div. Fiske Brothers Refining Co.Vacuum Pump Oil (100)
Lubriplate Div. Fiske Brothers Refining Co.AC-2A
Lubriplate Div. Fiske Brothers Refining Co.HO 2A
Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum GmbHHE 150
Petro-CanadaCompro Compressor Fluid 100
Petro-CanadaSuper Vac Fluid 20
Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbHP3
Phillips 66 CompanyTurbine Oil 100
Phillips 66 CompanyAir Compressor Oil 30
Pinnacle Oil, IncNational Compressor Oil 500
Primrose Oil Company, Inc.236 Primrose Plus ACO Heavy (100)
Quincy CompressorQuinCip 100
Robinair Div. of SPXVacuum Pump Oil
ROCOLSapphire Hi-Power100
Rolair Systems30 W Air Compressor Oil
Royal Manufacturing Co, LPCirro R&O 100
Royal Manufacturing Co, LPVacuum Pump Oil 229 (100)
Saylor-Beall Mfg. Co.Saylor-Beall Oil 100
Shell Oil CompanyCorena P 100
Shell Oil CompanyCorena V 100
Shell Oil CompanyCorena S2 P 100 (Corena P 100)
Shell Oil CompanyVacuum Pump Oil S2 R 100 (Corena V)
StatoilCompWay 100
SWEPCO (Southwestern Pet. Corp.)702 Rotary Compressor Oil 100
SWEPCO (Southwestern Pet. Corp.)707 Recip Compressor Oil 100
TOTAL Lubricants USA, Inc.Dacnis P 100
TOTAL Lubricants USA, Inc.Dacnis SB 100
TOTAL Lubricants USA, Inc.Dacnis 100
TOTAL Lubricants USA, Inc.49 Light
Tulco / LubsoilAir Compressor Oil 100
TuthillKinney KV 100 Vacuum Pump Oil
TuthillKinney LT Vacuum Pump Oil ISO 88
Ultrachem, Inc.P-ACO 100
Ultrachem, Inc.VP 100
Vacuum Products Canada, Inc.HE 700
Vacuum Products Canada, Inc.HE 150
W.W. Grainger, Inc.Speedair Mineral Recip Oil
West Penn Oil Co., Inc.Emblem Air Comp Oil 500
Zorn Compressor & EquipmentRP- 42
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