Summit Syntenal CD-50 EQ Synthetic Manual Transmission Gear Lubricant

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Summit Syntenal CD-50 EQ Synthetic Manual Transmission Gear Lubricant

Summit Syntenal CD-50 EQ is a fully synthetic manual transmission lubricant for year-round use in off-and-on highway equipment. Syntenal CD-50 EQ is suitable for transmissions and gear cases where API GL-1 through GL-3 gear protection is required. It also has a very low pour point and an inherently high viscosity index for excellent cold temperature flow as well as enhanced high temperature lubricating properties. Summit Syntenal CD-50 EQ is designed to meet the require-ments of Eaton and Rockwell transmissions.

Syntenal CD-50 EQ is recommended for use in Eaton and Rockwell transmissions, heavy duty manual transmissions, on-highway commercial trucking and buses, off highway construction and agriculture.

Customer Benefits:

  • Full synthetic gear lubricant for light to heavy duty transmissions
  • Reduced friction and gear wear
  • Extended seal life and oil drain intervals
  • Retains viscosity under severe operating conditions
  • Promotes fuel economy
  • Exceptional shear stability
  • Provides corrosion proection of copper and its alloys.

This product is available in the following container sizes. Please contact us for pricing

  • 55 Gallon Drum - Part# 3400144740 
  • 5 Gallon Pail - Part# 3400144860 
  • 1 Quart Container (must order in quantities of 12) - Part# 3400144846 

Physical Properties - Syntenal CD-50 EQ

  • SAE Grade: 50
  • Viscocity @ 40ºC: 155
  • Viscosity Index: 147
  • Pour Point, Fº: -40
  • Flash Point, Fº: 465
  • Specific Gravity: 0.8660

Syntenal CD-50 EQ will work great with the following lubricants:

  • BP Lubricants North America Energear SHX-G
  • Castrol Industrial Syngear CD 50
  • Chevron DELO Syn Trans Fluid 50
  • Citgo Petroleum Synthetic Gear Lube 50
  • Citgo Petroleum Mystik SX-7000 50
  • Cognis / BASF Emgard 2979 (SAE 50)
  • D-A Lubricant Company SynSure SAE 50
  • Mobil Delvac Syn Trans Fluid 50
  • KOST KOSTGard Synfleet CD 50
  • Petro-Canada Traxon E Syn CD-50
  • Phillips 66 Triton Synthetic Transoil 50
  • Pinnacle National Synthetic SAE 50
  • Primrose Oil Company 744 Syn-O-Gen CD 50
  • Royal Manufacturing Monarch Syntran Plus 880
  • Schaeffer Mfg. Co. 742 Synthetic Lube 50
  • Sinclair Oil Dyno-Tech HD 50
  • Tulco / Lubsoil Syn Lube 50