Summit SumTech AQ-320 Barium Complex ISO 320 Lubricating Grease

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Summit SumTech AQ-320 Barium Complex ISO 320 Lubricating Grease

SumTech AQ-320 by Summit / Kluber Lubrication is a Barium complex ISO 320 lubricating grease for use in wet environments. The special Barium complex thickener is resistant to steam and mild alkaline and acidic solutions preventing SumTech AQ-320 from becoming washed out of the lubricating area. The nature of the special thickener system gives SumTech AQ-320 a very tacky nature which is similar to the specific gravity of water, providing an unprecedented level of protection against water washout and corrosion.  

Premium anti-oxidants provide excellent thermal stability and a blend of corrosion inhibitors extend the excellent anti-corrosion nature inherent of the thickener. SumTech® AQ-320 is the grease of choice for marine, pulp and paper, and steel mill industries where exposure to water and aggressive media cannot be avoided. This is also suitable for use in sealing water valves, labyrinth seals, and rotary steam unions.

This product is available in the following container sizes. Please contact us for pricing

  • 35 Pound Pail - Part# 3204104859
  • 14 Oz Cartridge (must order in Qty of 10) - Part# 3204104710 
  • 120 Pound Keg - Part# 3204104883