Summit NGSH-68 Synthetic PAO Based Lubricant for Light hydrocarbon, Gas Gathering, Sour Gas, ISO 68

Part #: NGSH-68
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Summit NGSH-68 Synthetic PAO Based Lubricant for Light hydrocarbon, Gas Gathering, Sour Gas, ISO 68

Summit NGSH-68 is a full synthetic polyalphaolefins (PAO) based ISO 68 lubricant for reciprocating compressor cylinders and frames that is Preferred by many OEMs over petroleum based oils. Common applications are for light hydrocarbon, gas gathering and sour gasses that require an ISO 68 oil.

Summit NGSH Series of lubricants is formulated from the highest quality synthetic hydrocarbon base stocks. NGSH Series lubricants are extended life fluids with special additives to protect equipment from wear, rust and hydrogen sulfide corrosion.  These fluids are designed for rotary screw and reciprocating compressors in natural gas service. The NGSH Series lubricants have low pour points, high viscosity indices and excellent water demulsibility. Consult your Summit distributor or application engineer for assistance in choosing the proper fluid for your application. 

NGSH-68 lubricant is compatible with commonly used seal materials and equipment designed for use with petroleum oils that use an ISO 68 lubricating oil..

Summit NGSH-68 refrigeration oil is available in the following container sizes. Please contact us for pricing. The internal Summit product code for this item is 340514

  • 55 Gallon Drum
  • 5 Gallon Pail
  • 1 Gallon Container (must order in quantities of 6)

Physical Properties - Summit NGSH-68

  • ISO Grade: 68
  • Viscocity @ 40ºC: 62.7
  • Viscosity Index: 147
  • Specific Gravity @ 60F: 0.869
  • Flash Point, Fº: 475
  • Pour Point, Fº: -44
  • Autoignition Fº: 750
  • Emulsion Tendency: 40/38/2 (10 mins)
  • Four Ball Wear mm: .55

Summit NGSH-68 will work great with the following lubricants and is cross-compatible:

CPI Engineering Services, Inc.CPI 6005 68
Gardner Denver, Inc.AEON NG P 68
Masters Synthetic Oil Solutions, LLCSOS-C1- 68
Royal Purple, LLC.Synfilm NGL  68
Xaerus Performance Fluids, Intl.XG 114  68
Xaerus Performance Fluids, Intl.XG 100 68
Xaerus Performance Fluids, Intl.XG 101 68
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