Summit DSL-100 Synthetic Air Compressor Oil, ISO 100, for Piston and Reciprocating Air Compressors

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Summit DSL-100 Synthetic Air Compressor Oil, ISO 100, for Piston and Reciprocating Air Compressors

Summit DSL-100 air compressor oil is an ISO 100 synthetic lubricant that utilizes a unique combination of quality diester base stocks and the latest additive technology. These lubricants are designed for use in the crankcase and as a cylinder lubricant. They are compatible with almost all elastomers used in compressors and pumps, including paint used in crankcases.

Summit provides a wide range of DSL lubricants that cover applications for rotary vane, rotary screw, and all ages and design types of reciprocating compressors. Please contact us if you are unsure of what oil should be used in your air compressor.

The following materials are compatible for use with DSL® lubricants: Epoxy Paint, Celcon, Viton®, High Nitrile Rubber (Buna N, NBR-greater than 36% Acrylonitrile), Medium Nitrile Rubber (Buna N, NBR 30-36% Acrylonitrile), Teflon®, Oil Resistant Alkyd, and Nylon.

Summit DSL®-100 is recommended for use in the following applications:

  • Reciprocating compressors
  • Rotary vane compressors
  • Ball and roller bearings
  • Low temperature lubrication
  • High temperature lubrication
  • General lubrication for applications requiring an ISO 100 lubricant

Summit DSL-100 compressor oil is available in the following container sizes. Please contact us for pricing. The internal Summit product code for this item is 340461.

  • 330 Gallon Tote
  • 55 Gallon Drum
  • 5 Gallon Pail
  • 1 Gallon Container (must order in quantities of 6)
  • 1 Quart Container (must order in quantities of 12)

Physical Properties - Summit DSL-100 

  • ISO Grade: 100
  • Viscocity @ 40ºC: 97
  • Viscosity Index: 94
  • Specific Gravity: .961
  • Density lbs/gal: 8.008
  • Flash Point, Fº: 495
  • Pour Point, Fº: -30
  • Autoignition Point F: 780
  • Copper Corrosion: 1A

Summit DSL-100 will work great with the following lubricants and is cross-compatible:

American Synthol, Inc.A1000C
Anderol Inc.471
Anderol Inc. 500
Anderol Inc.AOSyn DE 100
BASF CorporationEmgard 2100
Bauer Compressors, Inc.N28355
Becker Pumps Corp.FO-100
Bel-Ray Company, Inc.DEB Compressor Lube 100
BP Lubricants North AmericaEnersyn RX 100
Castrol Industrial N.A. div. BPTribol 890 100
Castrol Industrial N.A. div. BPAircol SN 100
Castrol Industrial N.A. div. BPSyncom 100
Champion div. of Gardner DenverChampLub Synthetic
ChevronCetus DE 100
ChevronSyntholube 100
Citgo Petroleum Corp.CompressorGard DE 100
CompAir div. of Gardner DenverCS 300
CompAir div. of Gardner DenverS3000
CompAir div. of Gardner DenverREAVELLITE
CompAir div. of Gardner DenverAir Lube DE 30
D-A Lubricant Company, Inc.D-A Syn 4100
Dow CorningMolykote L-4611
Duratherm Div. Frontier Resource and RecoveryDiester 100
MobilRarus 827
FSCURTIS (Curtis-Toledo)FSC-Max Fluid HP
FSCURTIS (Curtis-Toledo)Lube Plus FSC- 1000S (RC-1000S)
Gardner Denver, Inc.AEON AC SY
Gulf Oil LPGulf Comp Syn DE 100
Industrial Oil Unlimited, Inc.Syncomp 100
Ingersoll Rand, plcAll Season T30 Select
Ingersoll Rand, plcXL-700
ISEL Inc./VR Heavy Industries6019-100
Jax, Inc.Compresyn HD DSR 100
Jax, Inc.Compresyn HD EMG 100
Jax, Inc.Syncomp D 100
Kaeser CompressorsSigma S-100
Levroil LLCLPL-C 1030
Lubricating Specialties Co.Syn Air Comp Oil 100
Lubriplate Div. Fiske Brothers Refining Co.Synac 100
Mako Compressors Div. Gardner DenverMAKO Blue
Masters Synthetic Oil Solutions, LLCSOS-D1-100
Mattei Compressors, Inc.Rotoroil 8000 F2
Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum GmbHHE 500
Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum GmbHHE 600
Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum GmbHLeybonol LVO 210
Phillips 66 CompanySyndustrial R&O 100
Phillips 66 CompanyTriton Synthetic Oil 100
Quincy CompressorQuinCip D
Royal Purple, LLC.Synfilm Recip 100
Sevair Div AmsoilCEC Recip Ester Compressor Oil 100
Shell Oil CompanyCorena DE 100
Shell Oil CompanyCorena AP 100
Shell Oil CompanyCorena S4 P 100 (Corena DE 100)
Syn-Flo Oil Corporation90
Tomlin Equipment Co.Tomlin Gold 500
TOTAL Lubricants USA, Inc.Synolan DE 100
TOTAL Lubricants USA, Inc.Dacnis SE 100
Tribology / Tech-Lube Inc.TACO D100
Tulco / LubsoilDiester Compressor Oil 100
TuthillTutlhill S500 Mechanical Pump Oil
Ultrachem, Inc.Ultraclean User guide
Ultrachem, Inc.Chemlube 501
Ultrachem, Inc.VPDE 100
US Industrial LubricantsDyna-Therm 30
Vacuum Products Canada, Inc.HE 500
Vacuum Products Canada, Inc.HE 600
W.W. Grainger, Inc.Speedair Synthetic Recip Oil
Xaerus Performance Fluids, Intl.XA 500 100
Xaerus Performance Fluids, Intl.XA 800 100
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