SPX Hankison OEM E5-12 3210814 High Efficiency Replacement Filter Element

SKU: E5-12
Part #: E5-12

SPX Flow / Hankison OEM E5-12 High Efficiency Replacement Filter Element - 3210814

This is an OEM replacement part manufactured by SPX Flow / Hankison. The part number is E5-12 and the internal material number is 3210814

E5-12 is a high efficiency oil removal filter. This is a grade 5 Hankison air compressor filter element. This filter element features corrosion resistant inner and outer cores. The air goes through a two stage filtration process. The first stage has a coated closed cell foam sleeve to act as a prefilter and flow dispenser. The second stage has multiple layers of matrix blended fiber media for ultra fine coalescence.

This filter is used to remove solids and liquids to 0.01 micron and 99.99% of oil aerosols. It is commonly used upstream of desiccant or membrane dryers or downstream of refrigerated dryers to remove trace oil vapors from the airstream.

The E5-12 filter element fits the following inline filter housings rated to 20cfm

  • HF5-12-3-DPL
  • HF5-12-4-DPL

Hankison also made a variety of private label filters for other companies. E5-12 is also the OEM filter for the below part numbers and will work in the filter housing:

ManufacturerFilter Element #
FS CurtisCE5-12
Saylor BeallEC-20
Sullivan PalatekPE512
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