SPX Hankison 05.4170-08 Air Dryer and Filter Automatic Float Drain 3152270

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Part #: 05.4170-08

SPX Hankison OEM 05.4170-08 / 3152270 Air Dryer and Filter Automatic Float Drain

05.4170-08 is an automatic float drain that was used on several SPX Hankison, Deltech, and FS Curtis air filters and refrigerated dryers. This part number is often times shown as 3152270.

The actual Hankison part number is 05.4170-08, however SPX will often show their material or catalog number of 3152270 on their parts breakdowns.

This float drain was commonly paired with several versions of the Hankison HF series inline filters and the FS Curtis CF series of air filters. The maximum pressure for this drain is 250 psi.

This drain is known as their “large thread” style. 05.4170-07 is a similar drain that utilizes “small threads” and is 1/8” NPT.

This drain will sit on the bottom of the air filter and on the inside of several dryer models. There is an internal screen that helps filter out dirt/debris that may have been removed by the filter to ensure it does not get clogged and stay open. As the water builds up in the bottom of the bowl, the drain will raise to drain out the moisture automatically. Once the water has been removed, it will close automatically to not waste compressed air.

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