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Sleeve, Ultra 750/1000/GM3500

SKU: 185213
Part #: 185213
GTIN: 633955256521
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Please verify the series number of your unit before ordering Please verify the series number of your unit before ordering

Graco Paint Sprayer Fluid Section Sleeve Assembly - 185213

The Graco 185213 airless sprayer sleeve assembly houses all of the major fluid section components, including the piston rod, cylinder, and main fluid packings.

For use with the following Graco airless paint sprayers:

Sprayer DescriptionSprayer Part NumberSeries Letter
900 ULTIMATE PLUS824029 
1000 ULTIMATE820110 
1000 ULTIMATE PLUS820210 
1000 Ultra Plus231411 
1000 Ultra (Sleeved Pump)231043B
1000 Ultra BARE231034 
1000 Ultra Plus (Bare)231410 
1000 ULTIMATE NOVA Bare (Non Sleeved Pump)820045C
590 EM Bare Sprayer (Sleeved Pump)222586D
700 SUPER (Sleeved Pump)820066D
750 Ultra Hi boy bare (Sleeved Pump)231033B
750 Ultra Hi boy (Sleeved Pump)231042B
750 Ultra Plus Bare231407 
750 Ultra Plus231573 
750 Ultra lo boy Bare (Sleeved Pump)221120A
750 Ultra lo boy (Sleeved Pump)221130A
270 ES (Home Depot Rental)246417 
PRO 1002 (Fuller O'Brien)223630 
330 GS (Home Depot Rental)246418 
3500 GM Hi boy231578 
3500 GM Lo boy231579 
3500 GM Hi-Boy231057 
3500 GM Lo boy231077 
3500 GM Lo boy222028 
3500 GM Lo boy221040 
3500 LineLazer231132 
160 Model Airless (LDI) Series231149 
3500 LineLazer 2 Gun231140 
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