Rol Air K30GASKETS Gasket Set

Part #: K30GASKETS

RolAir K30GASKETS OEM Gasket Kit for the K30 Chinook Piston Compressor Pump

K30GASKETS is a complete gasket set that is used on the RolAir K30 compressor pump. This pump may also be shown as PMP22K30CH.

Included in this gasket kit is the head and valve plate gaskets, crankcase gasket, front cover gasket, seal, and intercooler gaskets.

The RolAir K30GASKETS set was used on the following compressors:

  • PMP22K30CH bare pump
  • 5230K30CS
  • 8230HK30
  • 8422HK30
  • H75160K30
  • V75180K30
  • H75112K30
  • V75112K30
  • H75360K30
  • V75380K30
  • H75312K30
  • V75312K30
  • H5160K30
  • V5160K30
  • H5112K30
  • V5112K30
  • V5360K30
  • V5380K30
  • H5312K30
  • V5312K30
  • H5360K30
  • V5180K3
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