Powerex OPS030 Reciprocating Piston Oil-Less Bare 2HP and 3HP Compressor Pump

Part #: OPS030
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Powerex Oil Free OPS030 Reciprocating Piston Bare 2HP and 3HP Compressor Pump

The Powerex OPS030 is a bare oil-free single stage compressor pump that is used on Powerex's 2hp and 3hp oilless reciprocating air compressors. Powerex utilizes cutting-edge compressor technology to provide the most advanced and reliable oilless reciprocating compressor in the industry. The OPS030 is a single stage compressor meant to operate at 120psi, but does have a maximum pressure setting of 145psi. This air compressor is continuously lubricated by the sealed bearings to provide oil-free compressed air and long compressor life. No lubricant is required to be changed or topped off as this is oil free.

The finned flywheel creates a fan to blow air across the pump, resulting in lower operating temperatures for an increased life. There is a separate cooling fan that is attached to the front of the pump that further increases the cooling air.

The OPS030 includes an inlet air filter as standard. This assures that 99% of all particulates are removed down to 10micron. The pistons are made of a high strength self lubricating composite using the most advanced technology. These heat reducing pistons eliminate the effect of excessive grease leakage at the wrist pin bearing. PTFE rings reduce wear and provide self lubrication. Piston rings should be replaced every 10,000 hours of operation.

The wrist pin bearings of the OPS oilless compressors are needle bearings protected by two outer lip seals. The wrist pin bearing lip seals prevent the lubricating grease from leaking from the bearing area.

Powerex Oil-less Pump Brochure.

Technical Details:
  • Pressure Rating: 145 PSI Max
  • CFM (Capacity) with 2hp motor: 7.6cfm @ 100psi
  • CFM (Capacity) with 3hp motor: 10.1cfm @ 100psi
  • Number of Cylinders: 2
  • Flywheel Size : 13.8"
  • Bore: 2.56
  • Stroke: 2.36

This OPS010 bare pump is a replacement for the following air compressode models:

  • OTS0202
  • OTS1202
  • OTS1303
  • OTS0303
  • OBS0207 base mount
  • OBS0307 base mount
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