Powerex LPS020A Oil Lubricated Bare Compressor Pump, 1.5-2HP

Part #: LPS020A
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Powerex LPS020A 1.5-2HP Oil Lubricated Bare Piston Compressor Pump

The Powerex LPS020A bare piston compressor pump was most commonly used on their oil lubricated climate control air compressors. The LPS020A is commonly paired with a 1.5hp or 2hp motor. This piston compressor pump has been designed and tested to meet the most demanding specifications for low oil carryover and long life in the pneumatic climate control industry.

The LPS020A includes a dry type inlet filter. This ensures 99% of the air entering the pump is particulate free and is rated for 2500 hours. The cylinders are made of cast iron and include cooling fils to reduce the heat, which in turn reduces ring and cylinder wear. The internal valves are low lift Swedish stainless steel valves designed to resist carbon build up and offers outstanding durability.

This is a single stage oil-lubricated air compressor pump that is designed to operate at a maximum pressure of 145psi. A flywheel is included with the bare pump.

LPS020A pump specifications:

  • HP - 1.5 / 2
  • Maximum Pressure - 145psig
  • SCFM @ 100psig - 4.5 w/ 1.5hp motor and 6.7 with a 2hp motor
  • Number of cylinders - 1
  • Flywheel outer diamater - 11.2"