Powerex IP600000AV Grease for SLAE Scroll Compressor Pumps

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Powerex IP600000AV OEM Grease for SLAE Oil Free Scroll Compressor Pumps

This is an OEM Powerex grease that is used on their bare SLAE scroll air compressor pumps. Powerex manufacturers the highest quality scroll pumps on the market and the internal bearings are regreasable to extend the compressor life. Powerex grease is specifically designed for their oil free scroll pumps. Using an aftermarket grease will cause a pre-mature failure of the compressor.

This item is for the grease only. If you also need the grease gun, we suggest purchasing the IP616201AJ Grease Gun Kit

You must remember to apply grease to the OS bearing and pin crank bearings. Each pump of the grease gun equals 0.65 g of greasee when using the OEM grease gun kit. Please consult your service manual for the correct number of pumps from the gun to ensure proper grease delivery. 80 grams of grease are included in this item which is typically enough for two pumps

On standard pressure models designed to run at 116psi the bearings should be re-greased every 10,000 hours. Higher pressure models require the bearings to be regreased every 5,000 hours. Since higher pressure models generate more heat when running at higher pressure they must be serviced on a regular basis.

IP600000AV is most commonly used on the SLAE03E, SLAE05E, and SLAE05EHP scroll compressor pumps.

When re-greasing the bearings it is also recommended to replace the tip seals and heat insulation pipe. The tip seal set for the SLAE05E scroll pump is 92832070 and the tip seal kit on the higher pressure 145psi SLAE05EHP model is 92832080