Powerex IP087700AV Check Valve for Oil Free Scroll Compressors

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Powerex Outlet Check Valve for Oil Free Scroll Air Compressors - IP087700AV

The check valve is typically located on the outlet of the scroll compressor package and is designed to prevent high pressure air from returning into the compressor pump. A faulty check valve can result in high pressure air being sent back into the SLAE bare scroll pump and damaging the tip seals.

Powerex recommends inspecting the check valve every 500 hours of operation to ensure there are no leaks. This should also be replced every 10,000 hours of operation or every 2 years of service, whichever occurs first.

IP087700AV is used on a wide variety of Powerex oil free air compressors. Sometimes they will have one single check valve for the entire compressor, however often you would need a check valve for each pump. This means that you could have 4 or more check valves inside of a single compressor.

IP087700AV is used on the below scroll air compressors, as well as many others. Please contact us if you would like confirmation on the amount of check valves needed or to confirm the correct part for your compressor:

  • SED1007E (2 are needed)
  • SED1007EHP (2 are needed)
  • SET1507E (3 are needed)
  • SET1507EHP (3 are needed)
  • SEQ2007E (4 are needed)
  • SEQ2007EHP (4 are needed)
  • SEH3007 (6 are needed)
  • SEO4007 (8 are needed)
  • SEH3007HP (6 are needed)
  • SEO4007HP (8 are needed)
  • SES02 (1 needed)
  • SES12 (1 needed)
  • SES03 (1 needed)
  • SES13 (1 needed)
  • SES05 (1 needed)
  • SES15 (1 needed)
  • SBS0307 (1 needed)
  • SBS1307 (1 needed)
  • SBS0507 (1 needed)
  • SBS1517 (1 needed)
  • STS0301 (1 needed)
  • STS1301 (1 needed)
  • STS0501 (1 needed)
  • STS1511 (1 needed)
  • STS0302 (1 needed)
  • STS1302 (1 needed)
  • STS0502 (1 needed)
  • STS1512 (1 needed)
  • STS0503 (1 needed)
  • STS1513 (1 needed)