Powerex BT010701AV Belt for SES0508 and SES1518 Oil Free Scroll Air Compressors

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Part #: BT010701AV
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Powerex 3VX Belt for their 5HP Enclosed Oil Free Scroll Air Compressors- BT010701AV

Powerex recommends changing this belt every 5,000 hours of operation or once per year. The tension of the V-belt should be adjusted during the initial stage and inspected every 2,500 hours afterwards. Proper belt tension is just enough to prevent slippage.

Most Powerex compressor systems required (2) belts per scroll compressor pump, so if you have a duplex scoll system with multiple internal pumps you may need to order Qty 4 at a time.

When changing the belts it may also be time to replace the internal tip seals or re-grease your pump using Powerex's IP616201AJ Grease Gun Kit. It is also recommended to change the air filter and clean the blower fan and compressor fins.

This is an OEM 3VX belt manufactured by Powerex. This is only used on the enclosed scroll models. If you do not have an enclosure on your scroll compressor, instead you might need BT012001AV.

The BT010701AV 3VX belt was commonly used on the below air compressor models. Note you will need to order two belts per pump, so some scroll air compressors will require at least 4 belts:

  • SES05- 2 belts needed
  • SES15 - 2 belts needed