Pneumatech PH 535 HE High Efficiency Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer, Purge Control, 535cfm, 115v

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Pneumatech PH 535 HE High Efficiency Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer, Purge Control, 535cfm, 115v

The Pneumatech PH 535 HE adsorption dryer has taken energy savings, reliability and productivity to the next level. The newest additions to the PH HE range offers the lowest total cost of ownership on the market for a regenerative/desiccant adsorption air dryer.

The new PH 535 HE adsorption dryer from Pneumatech offer all the benefits of desiccant dryers without any of the drawbacks. The secret is an innovative solid desiccant. In traditional desiccant dryers, the air flow is turbulent and unevenly distributed as the compressed air works its way through the tiny desiccant beads. These beads offer outstanding drying results that come at a cost: The process is not optimized in terms of energy efficiency and the beads slowly disintegrate. This creates a fine dust that can cause dryer failures and compromise your production.

With its straight desiccant tubes, the new PH HE adsorption dryer offers a much more efficient air flow and, therefore, major energy savings. Furthermore, solid desiccant disintegrates much more slowly and offers a 40% longer lifetime. That eliminates the aforementioned dust and makes desiccant maintenance much easier. If you were to just add up these benefits, you get an adsorption dryer with an industry-leading reliability and low cost of ownership.

Benefits of Solid desiccant

  • Much more efficient air flow reduces pressure drop and therefore energy costs
  • Evenly distributed air flow extends desiccant lifetime
  • 40% longer lifetime
  • No desiccant dust to filter out
  • Fast and easy maintenance

Installation has been made simple with the newer PH HE regenerative air dryers. The PH535HE includes two pre-dryer filters as standard. These filters remove dust/debris particles from the airstream prior to entering the dryer and will also remove oil vapors down to .01ppm. The dryer can also be installed either vertical or horizontal to aid with spacing and wall mounting kits are available.

The PH 535 HE is rated to 535cfm and the internal Pneumatech part number for this dryer is 8102357970

The PH535HE air dryer includes the Pneumatech PureLogicTM Touch controller which aides in optimizing the dryer performance in a user-friendly controller. Pressure dew point control drastically increases energy savings – the dryer only consumes purge air when the dew point reaches it’s setpoint rather than on a timer.

Benefits of the PureLogicTM Touch controller

  • Various connectivity possibilities (CAN, Ethernet, …)
  • Remote filter monitoring
  • Intelligent Connectivity System – SMS Email alerts
  • Pressure sensor read out for remote monitoring
  • Alarm relay for every type of alarm
  • Maintenance reminders and service plans

PH 535 HE Features:

  • Structured desiccant offers highly efficient air flow and regeneration
  • Stable low pressure dew point
  • 40% longer desiccant lifetime
  • Easy desiccant maintenance
  • No desiccant dust that can cause dryer failures and compromise production
  • Pneumatic valves add robustness in demanding environments
  • Vertical or horizontal installation

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS
Products specifications
Flow Rate534 cfm
Maximum Inlet Temperature140 F
Max Pressure (PSI)203 psi
Air Dryer Dew Point-40ºF Standard / Optional -100ºF
Min ambient temperature35 F
Purge Air Flow17% Average of Dryer CFM Rating
Weight856 LBS
Dimensions29 x 41 x 73"
Connection Size2" NPT