Pneumatech, Atlas Copco 2200902017 Condensate Drain Maintenance Kit

SKU: 2200902017
Part #: 2200902017

 2200902017  Condensate Drain Wear Maintenance Kit from Pneumatech, Atlas Copco, Quincy and Chicago Pneumatic

The 2200902017 drain wear kit includes all parts needed to replace the wear components on the inside of a no-loss drain. This part is sometimes shown as 2200-9020-17 or 2200 9020 17. This is a very common drain replacement kit used on several Chicago Pneumatic, Pneumatech, Atlas Copco, Quincy, and BelAir refrigerated air dryers.

This part number may be displayed in your manual as 2200 9020 17 or 2200-9020-17

Factories recommend using this wear kit once per year. This kit will include a replacement filter screen, cap, and two o-rings. Condensate generated by the compressor and dryer will contain contaminants that can clog the drain. Failure to use this kit can cause the drain to become clogged. This will hold the drain open leaking air consistently and raising energy costs. The hex nut or knurled knob on the bottom of the drain is removed which exposes the filter screen and o-ring that are replaced.

The 2200902017 drain kit is most commonly used on stand alone air dryers, but may also be included with rotary screw compressors that include integrated air dryers. Please contact our parts department to confirm this is the correct item for your air dryer or drain.

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