Pneumatech ADA-100 High Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryer

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Part #: ADA-100

Pneumatech ADA-100 High Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryer, 100cfm, 115V

Pneumatech high temperature refrigerated air dryers are designed specifically for use with piston and reciprocating air compressors without an aftercooler. Whereas a standard refrigerated dryer is only capable of handling cooler incoming air, the ADA series of high temp fridge dryers are capable of handling inlet compressed air temperatures of 180F degrees.

The Pneumatech ADA-100 is meant to be paired with a 20hp or 25hp reciprocating air compressor and can be placed right next to the air compressor to save on space. Pairing an ADA-100 with a 20hp compressor will result in a 38ºF pressure dew point and will produce a 50ºF dew point if paired with a 25hp piston compressor. You can also pair this air dryer with two separate reciprocating compressors going into the same dryer.

The pressure dew point display provides an accurate dew point reading for increased dryer information. The display also includes a power on symbol, fan rotation symbol, and a dew point alarm. An automatic service indicator will also display when the air dryer reaches its appropriate service interval.

Refrigerated air dryers are the most common and cost effective way to remove moisture and condensation from compressed air systems. Refrigerated dryers (aka fridge dryers) take the warm compressed air that is discharged from the air compressor and cools it rapidly, letting vapors condense into liquid that can be drained out.

Pneumatech ADA-100 Standard Features

  • Pressure dew point indicator display with integrated service reminder
  • No air loss demand drain eliminates water, oil and dirt from air system while saving energy
  • Units rated at both 39 ºF or 50 ºF dewpoint depending on compressor size
  • Air Inlet up to 180 ºF – designed to be used without a pre-installed aftercooler
  • Integrated plate and frame heat exchanger with integrated air-to-air
  • Durable powder-coated cabinet for longer life
California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS
Products specifications
CFM Range100-149
CFM @ 39° PDP80cfm
CFM @ 50° PDP100cfm
Operating kW1.63
Max Pressure (PSI)232
Connection Size1" NPT
Weight231 lbs
Part Number4102001918