Pneumatech AD-600 Non-Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer

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Pneumatech AD-600 Non-Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer (4102001095)

Refrigerated air dryers are one of the most common and effective ways to remove moisture and condensation from compressed air systems. Refrigerated dryers (aka fridge dryers) take the warm compressed air that is discharged from the air compressor and cools it rapidly to a 35-39°F dew point. The cooling process lets the water vapors condense into a liquid which is drained out via the internal automatic drain, causing the air exiting the dryer to be very dry.

Without an air dryer, a significant amount of moisture can accumulate within a compressed air system. Depending on the end use equipment, the amount of moisture can cause catastrophic effects:

  • Rust and increased wear of general shop tools.
  • Can affect the color and adherence by any spray application that utilizes compressed air (HVLP paining, car painting, general industrial finish coatings)
  • Increase wear on the inside of a piping system – resulting in rust/debris particles sent into your air system.
  • Increased wear at pipe fittings resulting in a higher leak load, therefore increasing your energy efficiency.
  • Moisture can be blown onto products that need to be kept clean and dry – such as food, beverage manufacturing, pharmaceutical, etc…
  • Corrosion buildup on instrument air, giving false readings and causing premature plant shutdowns

Refrigerated air dryers are a fantastic way to remove water from your lines, but often times pre and post dryer filtration are required. A general purpose pre filter will remove dust/debris from entering the dryer, therefore prolonging the life of the dryer. A coalescing oil removal filter can be installed after the air dryer to capture trace oil vapors down to .01ppm and will assist in removing trace water vapors that happen to escape past the dryer.

The Pneumatech AD series of non-cycling air dryers is one of the most cost effective and reliable solutions to remove condensation and the resultant corrosion from your compressed air system. The AD-600 dryer is a 600cfm air dryer.

Do you have questions on compressed air treatment and what would be the most effective solution at removing water and/or containments from your system? Give our office a call and we are happy to assist.

Pneumatech AD-600 Standard Features

  • LED Readout of pressure dew point
  • Integrated water separator
  • Precise dewpoint control across a wide range of flows
  • Aluminum block heat exchanger with integrated air-to-air heat exchanger
  • Integrated maintenance reminder
  • High/low dewpoint and fan probe failure alarms
  • Environmentally safe refrigerants - no R22 is used
  • Integrated energy efficient no-loss drain
Products specifications
Max Pressure (PSI) 188
Voltage 460/3/60hz