Pneumatech ACV-400 Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer with Variable Speed Drive, 381 cfm, 460V

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Pneumatech ACV-400 Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer with Variable Speed Drive, 381 cfm, 460V

The ACV-400 from Pneumatech raises the bar in refrigerant dryer performance. Using variable speed drive technology, it significantly reduces energy consumption while consistently supplying top-quality air. And, thanks to a carbon footprint that is smaller than that of its competitors, it even benefits the environment. This is one of the highest quality refrigerated air dryers on the market.

The ACV-400 is a 381 cfm cycling refrigerated air dryer with ingetgrated VSD. This is most commonly paired with a 60hp or 75hp rotary screw air compressor.

The new ACV-400 variable speed drive refrigerant dryer is engineered to deliver energy savings of up to 60%. At the same time, the AC VSD supports production quality and reliability and offers a small carbon footprint. The use of variable speed drive technology ensures that the AC VSD only uses the energy it needs. The result is a much lower electric bill that greatly reduces the total cost of dryer ownership.

At the same time, Pneumatech’s new dryer produces a stable supply of Class 4 purity air, which helps protect production reliability and quality. The AC VSD maintains its low dew point even in ambient temperatures of up to 115°F. The dryer is easy to operate thanks to its intuitive PurelogicT controller. Users can even analyze and optimize their dryer’s performance from anywhere by taking advantage of the advanced connectivity and remote monitoring option.

PurelogicT Touch Microprocessor Controller and ICONS Monitoring

  • Touch based advance controller with Modbus, Profibus or Ethernet/IP and no extra interfaces required
  • With an intelligent connectivity system (ICONS), data and insights from PurelogicT controller delivered to your computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Potential problems are recognized before they can pose a threat to the continuity of your production.

Variable frequency drive providing unmatched energy savings with lowest pressure drop possible

  • Up to 60% in energy savings compared to non-cycling technology
  • Thanks to the patented heat exchangers on air to air side, AC VSD dryers range has been designed to have very low internal pressure drops below 2.5psi resulting in less energy consumption at the compressor.
  • Faster payback as low as 1.5 years as compared to non-cycling or thermal mass dryers

Excellent production quality and reliability

  • Stable and guaranteed performance at all operating conditions - dew point of 38F
  • Faster payback as low as 1.5 years as compared to non-cycling or thermal mass dryers
  • Dryer is designed to operate with 100% of the compressed air flow
  • The dryer does not have to be oversized for operation at maximum temperature with 100% of the nominal flow.
  • Reduced energy consumption of the dryer compared to oversized solution

The internal Pneumatech part number for the ACV-400 is 4102005238 and operates on 460v / 3 phase power.

Pneumatech ACV-400 Features

  • Fully Hermetically Sealed Refrigerant Compressor with VSD Inverter
  • PurelogicT advanced microprocessor controller
  • Integrated no-loss drain for additional energy savings.
  • Single Electric Connection for easy and smooth installation
  • Average energy savings of 60% compared to standard non-cycling dryers.
  • Enviromentally friendly refrigerant
  • Lower footprint and simple installation
  • Remote monitoring built in

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS
Products specifications
Connection Size2" NPT
Dimensions32 X 38 X 41"
Weight295 lbs
Drain TypeNo-Loss Automatic Drain
CFM @ 100 PSI381 cfm
CFM Range300-499
Max Pressure (PSI)210