Rotary Nozzle, Spring loaded, Size 4.0

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BE Pressure Supply Rotary Nozzle 85.210.120

Pressure washer rotary nozzles act as a zero degree tip that sprays in a circular motion. The spray pattern usually covers an area anywhere from 3-8 inches depending on how far the lance is from the surface. Rotary nozzles are great for use on stubborn stains, wall cleaning, paint stripping, and more. Attaches to the end of the lance, as the water sprays out, it spins in a circular motion acting as a 0° washer tip and cuts the cleaning time in half


  • Max Pressure - 5100 PSI
  • Max Flow - 7.7 Gallons Per Minute
  • Max Temperature - 212 Degrees
  • Inlet - 1/4" Quick Connect
  • Weight - 1.00 Pounds
  • Nozzle - Ceramic
  • Size - #4.0