No-Loss Drain Valve 2204 2134 44 for Atlas Copco, Chicago Pneumatic, Quincy Air Dryers

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No-Loss Drain Valve 2204 2134 44 for Atlas Copco, Chicago Pneumatic, Quincy Air Dryers

The 2204 2134 44 no-loss drain was used on a wide variety of air compressors and air dryers manufactured by Atlas Copco, Quincy, Pneumatech and Chicago Pneumatic. This was used on the inside of several of their stand-alone air dryer models as well as air dryers that were integrated with the air compressors.

2204 2134 44 may be displayed in your manual as 2204-2134-44 or 2204213444. There are several different styles to the LDI drains with similar part numbers. Please contact us with your model and serial number for your equipment and we can confirm whether this part is correct for your refrigerated air dryer and application.

Factories recommend using the replacement wear kit for this drain once per year. The part number for the drain wear kit is 2200902017. This kit will include a replacement filter screen, cap, and two o-rings.

The automatic drain can be connected by its inlet wherever condensate needs to be drained (compressor, filter, dryer). The internal tank collects the liquid and the diaphragm keeps the drain hole closed thanks to the pressure exerted on its surface. When the liquid level increases, the float moves up and when it reaches the maximum level, it activates the solenoid valve due to the magnetic contact, that leads to the opening of the pilot valve. A lack of pressure on the diaphragm allows the liquid to be drained. When the liquid reaches the minimum level, the pilot valve moves down, and draining holes are closed again without losing air pressure. An integrated filter is used to hold the impurities contained in water condensation to guarantee the correct operation of the valve even in the most critical applications. By pressing the test button it’s possible to open the drain valve manually and check the correct functioning of the drain.