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Ingersoll Rand OEM Pilot Valve Conversion Kit for Old Style Kohler Driven Gas Compressors - 32338519

The 32338159 conversion kit from Ingersoll Rand converts the old style pilot valves on the gasoline driven kohler compressors to the newer style valve. Included in the box is the main pilot unloader valve as well as several discharge tubes. You will need to install the pilot valve and use the discharge tube that matches your compressor. The remaining unused discharge tubes can be discarded.

The unloader check valve prevents back flow as the compressor builds pressure. The pilot remains closed until the downstream pressure reaches the unload setting. The pilot then opens and pressurizes the unloader valve. This causes the unloader valve to open and vent the excess air from the compressor to the atmosphere. As the compressed air downstream is used and the pressure drops to the load setting the pilot closes and depressurizes the unloader valve. The unloader valve then closes and the pressure begins to build again and repeats the cycle.

This valve has a 5/8" flare inlet on the top where the discharge line from the compressor pump connects to. The bottom port is 1/2" NPT and threads into the stem from the compressor tank. The safety valve is included and there is also a 1/8" port to connect the throttle control/slowdown cable back to the Honda or Kohler engine. This valve is pre-set to operate between 145-175psi.

This is an OEM kit by Ingersoll Rand. IR manufactured several different pilot valves for their gasoline driven compressors over the years. Please contact our parts department for confirmation this kit is correct for your air compressor.