Ingersoll Rand Ultra Food Grade Rotary Screw Compressor Lubricant - 20 Liter Pail

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Ingersoll Rand (23973977) OEM Rotary Screw Food Grade Compressor Lubricant / Ultra Food Grade, 20 Liter Pail (about 5.3 gallons)

Replaces IR part # 38433116

Ultra Coolant is an engineered synthetic coolant designed to offer you peace of mind that your products are safe from incidental contact and that your compressors will run trouble-free for longer, increasing your overall productivity. Ultra FG contains an additive that exhibits antimicrobial activity to protect the lubricant against bacteria, yeasts and molds. The additive also protects the lubricant from contamination caused by food-borne microorganisms and inhibits lubricant degradation providing you with longer lubricant life and reducing your maintenance costs. In addition, Ultra FG is made from synthetic alkylated naphthalenes, which provide solvency and dispersing characteristics. The lubricant does not form abrasive deposits commonly found in conventional fluids, such as polyalphaolefins (PAOs), increasing your compressor’s reliability.

This is OEM coolant from Ingersoll Rand. Food grade oil is recommended for the food and pharmaceutical industry when there is a chance compressed air may come into contact with the product.

Features and Benefits

• Up to 8,000 hours of lubricant life
• Resists foam, sludge, varnish and corrosive acid formation
• Superior compressor performance, leading to lower cost from excellent cooling and better efficiency
• Long maintenance intervals require less lubricant

The leading rotary air compressor food grade coolant. For use in rotary air compressors only!