Ingersoll Rand RS11i-TAS 15hp Industrial Grade Rotary Screw Air Compressor w/Integrated Dryer

Part #: RS11i-TAS
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Ingersoll Rand RS11i-TAS 15hp Industrial Grade Rotary Screw Air Compressor w/Integrated Dryer

Ingersoll Rand RS11i-TAS is a 15hp premium quality and industrial grade rotary screw air compressor. The “TAS” model is a Total Air System compressor that includes an integrated refrigerated air dryer and dual oil removal filtration. This compressor can be wired 208v, 230v or 460v power. Baseplate mounted is standard but this can also be mounted on a 120 or 240 gallon air receiver. Ingersoll Rand 15hp compressors works to keep you ahead of your competition with Next Generation R-Series air compressors that lower total cost of ownership through industry leading energy efficiency, reliable components and industry leading delivered capacity.

This specific air compressor is IR’s Total Air System (TAS) model, which provides clean/dry air in a single package. This unique compressor package comprises a fully integrated rotary screw compressor with a high efficiency, cycling, air dryer, general purpose and high efficiency air filters. The TAS package occupies less space, costs less to install, and delivers high quality compressed air to maximize operating efficiency and reduce costs.

The refrigerant air dryer cycles on and off with the compressor, saving energy costs and reducing excess wear on the refrigeration system. The condensate is removed by an automatic solenoid drain from a manifold in parallel with other drain points. Two stages of filtration are standard within the Total Air System. A first filter removes particles down to 1 micron. This is followed by a High Efficiency filter, which removes particles down to 0.1 micron including coalesced liquids, providing a maximum remaining aerosol 0.01 ppm.

IR’s rotary screw uses a rugged and reliable airend is contact cooled/oil injected with a highly efficient asymmetrical profile rotor. The compressor provides removable service panels for quick, easy access to all user-maintainable components. The superior oil separation allows for cleaner air being sent downstream with less pressure drop across air treatment, leading to a more energy efficient and clean compressed air system. The airend is paired with a IE3 premium energy-efficient motor to support continuous operation in harsh environments. The RS11 fixed speed compressor is designed to handle 24/7/365 operation.

The R-series rotary screw compressor comes standard with the XE-50 rotary compressor controller. The Xe-50M controller provides you with full asset control and increased reliability. Clear, intuitive navigation ensures ease of use with a peace of mind that your system is running as it should.

New to the RS-series compressor is Ingersoll Rand’s V-ShieldTM technology. V-Shield utilizes premium PTFE hoses on all oil-carrying lines as well as o-ring face seal connections. This design virtually eliminates all oil leaks and increases the hose life.

This compressor comes standard in a base mount configuration without an air receiver/storage tank. A baseplate compressor is to be plumbed into a separate air receiver already installed at the plant. You can also have this unit pre-installed and plumbed on a 120 or 240 gallon air receiver tank.

Benefits to the newly designed RS11 series 15hp rotary screw compressor include:

  • Integrated refrigerated air dryer for water removal – protects downstream investments
  • Integrated dual line filtration for dust and oil removal – ensures piping system is free and clear of oil and debris
  • Rugged, dependable airend delivers the efficiency and airflow you need
  • V-Shield™ technology provides a totally integrated, leak-free design, featuring PTFE and O-ring face seals on all hoses and connections
  • Components that provide reliable air for life, including a free-floating cooling system, two-stage air filters and elastomeric o-rings
  • Enhanced serviceability ensures increased uptime with two-stage filtration, easy maintenance and Ingersoll Rand extended life, premium grade coolant
  • Removable service access provides quick, easy access to all user-maintainable components
  • Xe-Series controllers deliver increased control functionality through an intuitive user interface.


Products specifications
Horse Power15
Voltage208/230/460 / Tri Voltage
Full Load Amps - 460v43
Air Dryer Dew Point40ºF
Diameter of Power Inlet2.5"
Cooling Fan Air Flow (Compressor)2295 CFM
Cooling Fan Air Flow (Dryer)942 CFM
Drive StyleBelt Drive
Motor ProtectionTEFC, IP55
Integrated Filtration - Particulate0.01 Micron, ISO Class 1
Integrated Filtration - Liquids0.1 PPM, ISO Class 1
Duty Cycle100% Continuous Duty
Integrated DryerYes
CFM Range56-99
Sound Level74dBA
Max Pressure (PSI)200
CFM @ 103 PSI70
CFM @ 118 PSI64
CFM @ 138 PSI58
CFM @ 193 PSI44