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Ingersoll Rand OEM 97333546 Cylinder to Crankcase Gasket for SS5 and TS5

SKU: 97333546
Part #: 97333546

Ingersoll Rand OEM 97333546 Replacement SS5 and TS5 Cylinder Gasket

97333546 is a replacement cylinder gasket that is most commonly used on the SS5 and TS5 bare piston compressor pumps from Ingersoll Rand. This gasket creates a seal between the crankcase and the cylinder. If you hear air leaking or see oil residue coming from this section of the pump, the cylinder gasket needs to be replaced. This is an OEM part

Although it was most commonly used on the SS5 bare pump and the TS5 reciprocating pump, the 97333546 will fit the following Ingersoll Rand compressors:

  • SS5L5 and SS5N5
  • TS5
  • TS4
  • TS51
  • TS10 (requires qty 2)
  • UP6R-10 (requires qty 2)
  • UP6R-15 (requires qty 2)
  • UP6R-5
  • UP6R-7
California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS
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