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Ingersoll Rand OEM 24900292 Air Filter Element for RS11ie-RS22ie Compressors

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Ingersoll Rand 24900292 OEM Air Filter Element for RS11ie-R22ie Fixed Speed and RS11ne-R22ne VSD Rotary Screw Compressors

This Ingersoll air filter element should be changed every 4,000 hours. It is recommended to change the filter more often If your compressor is located in a dirty environment with lots of dust. Changing the air filter will prolong the life of your compressor by protecting the inlet and airend on the inside of the compressor. Proactively changing the air filter will also increase your energy efficiency by not restricting the inlet airflow going into the air compressor.

When changing the air filter element, it is also recommended to replace the oil coolant filter, the separator element and the Ultra Coolant oil.

24900292 is an OEM part manufactured by Ingersoll Rand. Many air filters shown online are aftermarket filters and are not rated to the same filtration specs as OEM.

The 24900292 air filter element was most commonly used on the RS11ie-RS22ie rotary screw compressors. Note this will NOT fit models that only have "I" or "N" on the end of their nomenclature - most of these models used air filter 47593353001. If you are unsure of the exact air filter element, please contact our parts department for confirmation this will work in your compressor.

This air filter element will work with the following Ingersoll Rand compressors:

  • RS11ie
  • RS18ie
  • RS22ie
  • RS11ne
  • RS18ne
  • RS22ne