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Ingersoll Rand OEM 24286676 Pre-Filter for R4-11 Rotary Screw Compressors

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Ingersoll Rand (24286676) Air Compressor Pre-Filter for R4-11 Rotary Screw Compressors

The 24286676 Ingersoll Rand OEM pre-filter is used on their R4-11 series rotary screw compressors. This panel pre filter is used for both the Total Air System models with integrated dryer and the non-dryer version.

24286676 is paired with the following IR rotary compressors:

  • R4i and R4n
  • R4i-TAS and R4n-TAS
  • R5.5i and R5.5n
  • R5.5i-TAS and R5.5n-TAS
  • R7.5i and R7.5n
  • R7.5i-TAS and R7.5n-TAS
  • R11i and R11n
  • R11i-TAS and R11n-TAS

A rotary screw compressor pre-filter is used to filter the air prior to entering the compressor cabinet. This not only will help increase the cleanliness of the air compressor but it will lengthen the life of the air filter as well. Since the incoming air is now dual filtered, there is less of a chance that dust particles will be sent inside of the compression chamber, increasing the overall life of the compressor.

This is an OEM filter from Ingersoll Rand. Many filters sold online are aftermarket filters which may void your warranty.