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Ingersoll Rand F71IG Replacement Filter Element

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Ingersoll Rand OEM 85565547 F71IG Replacement Filter Element

85565547 is an OEM Ingersoll Rand replacement general purpose filter element for the F171IG filter housings. This is an extremely common filter element used on the inside of their 5hp and 7.5hp Total Air System (TAS) compressors manufactured between 2008-2014. This filter element was also is used in the 71 series housings that were manufactured by Ingersoll Rand. If you have a UP6-5-125 TAS or a UP6-7.5-125 TAS compressor you may have this filter on the inside of your compressor.

General purpose filters remove liquid water, dust, and debris particles from the airstream. These elements should be changed out once per year to maintain optimal air quality. Failure to change these filter elements can not only result in impurities getting into the airstream but they can increase your energy cost due to pressure drop across the element. When changing this filter, it is also advised to change the internal element on the F71IH filter that is typically installed after this F71IG filter.

This is an OEM filter from Ingersoll Rand. There are several different filter elements that were used on the inside of Ingersoll Rand’s Total Air System compressors. If you would like confirmation that this part will work with your compressor or filter housing, please contact our parts department for verification.

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