Ingersoll Rand DA31EC High Efficiency 18cfm Thermal Mass Cycling Refrigerated Dryer, 115V

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Ingersoll Rand DA31EC High Efficiency 18cfm Thermal Mass Cycling Refrigerated Dryer, 115V

The Ingersoll Rand DA31EC helps you to achieve maximum energy savings, while ensuring a continuous supply of dry, high-quality compressed air by using this high efficiency small cycling refrigerated dryer. It is designed to help users achieve optimal performance at a lower cost of ownership compared to non-cycling dryers.

Because the DA31EC is a cycling refrigerated air dryer, its refrigeration system automatically deactivates during periods of low load to reduce energy consumption. When operating at partial loads the dryer will use the energy previously stored in the gycol circuit, making it possible to shut down the refrigerant compressor and substantially save energy and costs.

The function of Ingersoll Rand’s cycling refrigerated air dryers is simple. Hot compressed air enters the aluminum heat exchanger where it is cooled down. The precooler/reheater makes use of the colder compressed air exiting counterflow from the condensate separator to cool the inlet air. The compressed air temperature is then further reduced as it passes through the refrigerant to air and glycol chiller. During these two stages almost all the oil and water vapor contained in the compressed air are condensed to liquid and successively separated from it in the condensate separator, then drained out by the automatic drain. The cold compressed air then re-enters the precooler/reheater where it is heated before exiting the dryer for use.

A microprocessor controller is pre-installed on the DA31EC air dryer. All adjustments and resets can be performed by using this controller, including the drain timer and maintenance reminders.

The DA31EC is rated to handle 18cfm @ 100psi. The internal Ingersoll Rand part number for this dryer is 47696378001. This model number may be displayed as DA31ECA100. The entire air dryer package operates on 110v/1ph/60hz power.

DA31EC Features and Benefits:

  • High-quality, dry air: Dew points per ISO Class 4
  • Reduced energy consumption: Patented heat exchanger, precooler/reheater, low pressure loss and R134a refrigerant lower your energy costs
  • Efficient operation: Storing cold energy as thermal mass reduces the dryer compressor’s running time along with an electronic, no-loss drain that prevents compressed air loss
  • Flexible Design: Air-cooled and water-cooled options and compact size to fit any application
  • Simply Reliable: Simplified circuit design enables the discontinuation of thermal expansion valves and fan control switches
Products specifications
Flow Rate 18 cfm
Maximum Inlet Temperature 120 F
Max Pressure (PSI) 200 psi
Air Dryer Dew Point 40ºF
Min ambient temperature 50 F
Refrigerant R134A
Operating kW .43 kW
Weight 85 LBS
Dimensions 20 x 15.2 x 26.5"H
Connection Size 1/2" NPT
Voltage 115/1/60hz