Ingersoll Rand DA150IM High Efficiency 88cfm Modular Desiccant Air Dryer with EMS Purge Control, 115v

Part #: DA150IM
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Ingersoll Rand DA150IM High Efficiency 88cfm Modular Desiccant Air Dryer with EMS Purge Control, 115v

The Ingersoll Rand DA150IM is an innovative modular desiccant dryer that is designed to provide a steady -40ºF dew point. This is ideal for point-of-use applications so you only pay to dry the air required for your operation. The dryer delivers an ISO Class 2 dew point to help prevent corrosion, minimize production disruptions and losses due to moisture or contamination.

Ingersoll Rand’s DA heatless desiccant dryers are designed to adsorb moisture from compressed air. The DA dryers are constructed with two towers that alternate between online (drying) and offline (regenerating modes) in order to yield a continuous stream of dry air at the dryer’s outlet. Each tower contains desiccant beads. During normal operation, wet air passes through the online tower and water vapor from the air is adsorbed (collected) on the desiccant beads. While air is being adsorbed in the online tower, the moisture on the desiccant in the offline tower is removed by a process called desorption (regeneration). After an initial rapid depressurization, a portion of dried air from the online tower passes over the desiccant bed and carries the moisture off the bed and out the dryer’s exhaust.

Ingersoll Rand’s Energy Management System (EMS) is included in the DA150IM desiccant dryer package. The EMS feature is designed to minimize the use of purge air during low flow or low water loading conditions. On -40°F (-40°C) units, a dew point sensor samples the moisture content from the online tower and provides a signal to the controller. This function utilizes a dew point transmitter that monitors the dew point of the air exiting the dryer.

The DA150IM is rated to 88cfm and the internal Ingersoll Rand part number for this dryer with EMS control is 47677662001. The entire air dryer package operates on 110v/1ph/60hz power.

DA150IM Features and Benefits:

  • High Air Quality: High-performance desiccant technology delivers ISO Class 2 or Class 1 pressure dew point air for critical applications; high efficiency pre-filter and general Purpose after-filter protect desiccant and downstream air from oil contamination and particulates.
  • Reliable Operation: High-strength desiccant, durable valves and components and long cycles extend equipment life.Low pressure drop across dryer and filtration for energy savings
  • Reduced Energy Use: Low pressure drop design saves on energy costs and provides an economical drying solution. Energy Management System option for further energy use reduction.
  • State-of-the-Art Control: Easy to use, advanced microprocessor with visual display showing data in real time to maintain dryer performance at optimum levels, providing preventative maintenance alerts as well as protection notifications for efficiency and connectivity.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: With a compact footprint and low noise operation, modular dryers are suitable to be quickly installed right in the work environment and easy maintained, with preventative maintenance alerts
Products specifications
Flow Rate 88.5 cfm
Maximum Inlet Temperature 120 F
Max Pressure (PSI) 200 psi
Air Dryer Dew Point -40ºF Standard / Optional -100ºF
Min ambient temperature 50 F
Purge Air Flow 15.9 CFM
Weight 189.8 LBS
Dimensions 19 x 15 x 74"H
Connection Size 1" NPT
Voltage 115/1/60hz